Woman becomes suicidal after her abortion at Planned Parenthood

The pro-life group Silent No More, which compiles the testimonies of women who regret their abortions, has released a document containing women’s first-hand accounts of abortions or abortion referrals at Planned Parenthood. All of the women who told their stories now regret their abortions and believe that Planned Parenthood should be defunded.

Susan, from New Jersey, gives the following testimony:

There was absolutely no counseling about the possible emotional aftermath of having an abortion. I became suicidal and had no one to turn to. And to find out that what I was aborting was not a “blob” of tissue, but an identifiably human form, complete with heartbeat, fingers and toes. Planned Parenthood was woefully wrong to lie and not offer any post-abortion counseling.

A pre-born baby has a heartbeat at three weeks. On this site you can learn more about the development of the pre-born baby’s heart. A pre-born baby has recognizable fingers and toes by 7 weeks after conception.

Susan is not the only vulnerable woman to be lied to by Planned Parenthood.You can read more stories here and here, and Live Action has even caught Planned Parenthood workers lying about fetal development on video.

Women deserve better. They deserve accurate, factual information about their pre-born babies. They deserve information about post-abortion trauma and the studies that show that it exists. They deserve to be offered resources and help to heal from an abortion. And they deserve accurate information about abortion’s risks, both physical and psychological. Not only has Planned Parenthood been caught distorting the facts or neglecting to reveal them, they have a long history of fighting laws that would require informed consent. For example, in South Dakota, Planned Parenthood fought against a law that warned women about the link between abortion and suicide, which is backed up by many studies. Whenever a law has been proposed to require abortion providers to give accurate information about the pre-born baby, abortion’s risks, alternatives to abortion, and places that help women who choose to keep their babies, Planned Parenthood has fought tooth and nail against it.

Why? Well, Planned Parenthood makes a great deal of money from abortion. In fact, according to some sources, over half of its income comes from abortion. Planned Parenthood has quotas on how many abortions they need to perform. Their priority is not to present women with accurate information, but to sell abortions.

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