Pro-abortion woman attacks pro-lifer, insists abortions are only miscarriage ‘clean-ups’

A video of an angry pro-abortion woman attacking a pro-life advocate has gone viral, racking up millions of views on X (formerly known as Twitter).

The full encounter was posted on YouTube; in it, a woman stops two pro-life activists — one, a man, holding a sign, and the other, a woman, filming him — and asks if he knows there are people getting air-lifted into Oregon from Idaho for “life-saving” abortions, arguing that “any day now” a woman is going to bleed out in a helicopter due to Idaho’s pro-life laws protecting preborn children from abortion. The woman, who is holding a beverage, is accompanied by a young girl.

She then began getting more confrontational, and suggested that most women get abortions due to… miscarriage.

“Have you looked at the statistics?” she asked. “Most abortions are clean-ups after miscarriages, and women can’t even get those. No, you’re a ******* moron because miscarriages are extremely common and most women opt to have the D&C [dilation and curettage].”

This claim is false; most abortions are not committed for reasons of miscarriage management; in fact, “miscarriage management” isn’t considered an abortion at all. An induced abortion is the intentional, targeted killing of a preborn child. Miscarriage treatment is typically responding after the natural death of a preborn child, though the woman’s body may not have expelled the child’s remains yet. Treatment for miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies are legal in every single state, despite what one enraged abortion activist may claim.

The woman then argued that “a miscarriage is a medical abortion,” to which the pro-life advocate replied, “No, it’s not; let me educate you.”

That was apparently enough to set the woman off, who angrily said, “Yes it ******* is!” and began attacking him. She tried to steal his microphone, kicked his sign, threw her drink at him, and began trying to hit him.

Throughout the attack, the pro-lifer merely tried to restrain the woman, but she then began trying to hit the pro-life woman filming, at which point the male pro-life advocate took her to the ground before immediately backing off, saying, “Don’t put your hands on her!”

Sadly, the entire encounter took place in front of the young girl, who began to cry.

Statistics have found that the most common reasons for having abortions are actually financial instability, fear of losing career or education opportunities, or simply not wanting to have children. And while some women who miscarry do need to undergo the the same procedures as may be used for certain types of abortions (such as a D&C), removing already deceased remains and intentionally killing a living preborn child are two very different things.

The pro-life man has been identified as Eleazar Perez, and he issued a response to the viral video on YouTube. “I saw her as a little kid that lost control of her emotions. And I could tell she was small, and I could tell she was weak, and I could tell that I had easily 100 pounds on her. She wasn’t a threat to me,” he said, adding, “You could see in the video, she kept trying to break my fingers. She had my fingers right in between hers, and she was — she almost — she was trying hard. And then after that, she was trying to claw my face out.”

But Perez said it wasn’t until she tried punching the female filmer that he got angry — and meanwhile, she was still attacking him. “You can see through the reflection in the window that she tried to kick me in the b*lls,” he said. Noting that the woman was getting increasingly angry, Perez said he struggled to decide how to control the situation without hurting her or her daughter.

Violence against the pro-life movement (much of it far more extreme than an on-the-street confrontation without a weapon) has increased since the fall of Roe v. Wade, though the media rarely acknowledges it.

The DOJ put a pro-life grandmother in jail for protesting the killing of preborn children. Please take 30-seconds to TELL CONGRESS: STOP THE DOJ FROM TARGETING PRO-LIFE AMERICANS.


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