Battleground badger state is a signature away from blocking taxpayer funds for Planned Parenthood

The latest from LifeNews:

On Thursday night, the Wisconsin state Senate put the finishing touches on the state budget and it kept two important pro-life provisions in the legislation that is now headed to pro-life Gov. Scott Walker for his signature.

One of the provisions makes Wisconsin the next state to revoke taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business. It directs federal Title V family planning dollars to public health agencies and prohibits them from giving the funds to organizations or its affiliates that provide abortions or abortion referrals. …

In 2010 Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin received more than $18 million in federal and state family planning funds that it claims has reduced abortions. However, the abortion business did 5,439 abortions in 2009, a 56% increase from 2008. …

The second of the budget provisions prohibits the university of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority Board from paying physicians or surgeons or a hospital, clinic or other medical facility for doing an abortion except as specified in Wisconsin’s current abortion-funding law.

More details here.

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