“Why I volunteer at Planned Parenthood”

In the beginning it was difficult for me to grasp the idea why anyone would want to volunteer at a Planned Parenthood. That question always came to my mind when I saw the men and women at the clinics with a blue jacket that says “Volunteer.”

At the local Planned Parenthood there are volunteers who wait in the parking lot with a cup of coffee in one hand and the other arm is free waiting to assist a young woman into the clinic. I began to think about why they were doing this. I looked at Planned Parenthood`s website and found a section called, “Why I Volunteer at Planned Parenthood.”

I realized that those men and woman have bought into the lies that Planned Parenthood feeds them through the media: that they are actually benefiting and doing good to the woman and that the unborn are just a choice rather than a human being with inalienable rights.

Here is one account of a perspective from a women who volunteers at a Planned Parent:

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