Why hasn't Donald Trump responded to the Supreme Court ruling?

Why hasn’t Donald Trump responded to the Supreme Court ruling?

This week, the Supreme Court made a huge ruling in the abortion battle, overturning the Texas law that required abortion facilities to be held to the same regulations as other ambulatory surgical centers, and for abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges. The pro-abortion media celebrated the ruling, calling it a victory for “women’s rights.” Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, was quick to respond with an op-ed cheering the ruling on her website, as well as sending out a victory message on Twitter:

But Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, has yet to chime in. There is nothing from Trump about the ruling on the official campaign website, his Twitter account, or on his Facebook page. There is a statement from Trump’s Executive Evangelical Advisory Board, but it was underwhelming at best, only reiterating Trump’s promise to appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court.

Mr. Trump’s Executive Evangelical Advisory Board said in a statement, “In an unprecedented meeting last week with American Christian leaders, Donald J. Trump promised to only appoint pro-life judges.”

… Mark Burns, a member of Trump’s evangelical board stated, “This is exactly why many Christians across America are single issue voters this election. Their sole focus is the types of Supreme Court justices that each candidate will appoint.”

But what is Trump’s personal opinion on the ruling? Why has he not condemned it — or approved it? Many pro-lifers have doubts about Trump’s professed pro-life beliefs, and this is just the latest example as to why. How are pro-lifers to take his pro-life convictions seriously if he can’t take the time to condemn a Supreme Court ruling that was a huge loss for the pro-life movement? The fact that Trump has nothing to say now will only make those doubts grow stronger.

Trump released a list of potential justices should he be elected, and from a pro-life perspective, it’s a promising list… but his silence about this ruling threatens his credibility with pro-lifers.

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