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In ten words or less, why are you pro-life?

A few days ago, we asked on our Facebook page for people “In ten words or less, why are you pro-life?”. Over 500 comments rolled in and so we thought we should share some on the blog.

What are just some of the things people had to say?

  • Because we all are equal before the law. We all have the right to life.
  • God chooses life. I choose to listen to Him.
  • What is the unborn? is the root of the debate. = Human Person
  • I’m a “pro-choice” survivor….Mom went to have and abortion, went to the clinic and changed her mind. That’s why I’m Pro-Life!
  • When governments pass laws deciding who is human, slaughter follows.
  • Because everyone deserves to live!
  • because human life is precious… i wouldn’t want mine taken away from me!
  • I was born from a one night stand!Am I Not A Human?
  • God is the author of life. We aren’t.
  • As a former fetus, I oppose abortion.
  • I’m pro-life because I’m adopted, and God made me to live :-)
  • “A person’s a person no matter how small! ” Dr. Seuss
  • My momma being pro-life, when she had me at 17.
  • As a former fetus, I’m for my peeps.
  • because God is pro-life!
  • conception is a substantial change, birth only a location change
  • I understand a defenseless life is not a valueless life.
  • All forms of human life have worth, or none do.
  • because a woman is called “with child” for a reason
  • Because God doesn’t make mistakes, no matter the circumstances.
  • Being a former fetus, I am against abortion.
  • Life begins at conception
  • people deserve life . just like you did .. ♥
  • Born to 14yr old. Only alive because she chose life.
  • Abortion is murder. Need more?
  • Someone has to be a voice for the voiceless.
  • For a start, I was adopted :)
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