Why all Americans ought to lose faith in Planned Parenthood

Whom are you going to believe – Planned Parenthood, or your lying eyes?

Over and over, the people at Planned Parenthood emphasize that Americans – and women in particular – ought to trust them. They flagrantly – and often offensively – claim that they are the champions of women and teens. Isn’t there a theory that says that if you have to work hard to convince people to trust you, it’s because you’re really not trustworthy at all? It’s like the husband who keeps coming home with a foreign perfume wafting off his suit coat who says, “Just trust me, Honey. I was out with the guys.” Mmm…hmmm.

Shouldn’t actions speak louder than words? It’s easy to hire a brilliant wordsmith to craft catchy phrases and seemingly convincing lines. It’s pretty simple to say anything in the universe you want to say. Any organization on earth can make claims, issue self-promoting proclamations, and skew statistics in its favor. What’s telling is the truth. The truth about real, day-to-day actions.

And based on the actions of Planned Parenthood, all Americans ought to lose faith in the abortion giant.

Planned Parenthood Chooses Increased Profit and Efficiency over Women’s Lives

Even though RU-486 was a little-known and fairly unproven drug prior to 2006 (though it had garnered FDA approval), Planned Parenthood decided that it knew better than the FDA when it came to how to administer this abortion drug to women. Instead of following FDA standard protocol of taking the drug orally, Planned Parenthood instructed women to take it vaginally. After multiple women died – because of these faulty instructions – Planned Parenthood changed its tune and complied with FDA protocol, but only on that instruction.

Planned Parenthood continues to fail when it comes to the real health of women and girls.

Planned Parenthood frequently continues to ignore another important FDA guideline:

A report from the Family Research Council advised that although Planned Parenthood changed its guidelines for dispensing RU-386 in 2006, its defiance of FDA protocol continues in other ways as well. In addition to altering the suggested dosage, Planned Parenthood urges women to take one of the drugs at home, disregarding the FDA’s warning that the second portion of the pill regime ‘should be done in a medical office to monitor women for complications.’

I guess efficiency and low overhead are more important to Planned Parenthood than the actual health and lives of the women it claims to serve. I guess the self-claim of “trusted health care provider” should make women think twice.

Certain Planned Parenthood locations also ignore FDA protocol concerning the stage in pregnancy when RU-486 can be effective in aborting the baby. Mailee Smith, an attorney, explains how the Bronx Planned Parenthood chooses profits over women:

The abortion pill (RU-496) is ‘offered up to 9 weeks after the start of your last menstrual period.’ That’s 63 days. As AUL has reported many times before, the FDA only approved RU-486 up to 49 days after a woman’s last menstrual period. At 63 days, the RU-486 regimen is 23 percent ineffective; women must then go in for a second surgical abortion. So Planned Parenthood is offering RU-486 in a way that is ineffective 23 percent of the time—and when it fails, Planned Parenthood gets paid for two abortions on the same woman.

Right on its website, the Bronx Planned Parenthood claims that it will require women to agree to a second abortion at the clinic if RU-486 fails. That’s choice for you.

Planned Parenthood Has a Double Standard on “Government Interference”

If you’ve been involved in the abortion issue at all, you’ve likely heard the claim from Planned Parenthood and abortion supporters that pro-lifers want to introduce “government interference” into women’s medical decisions. (Of course, killing a unique, individual child should not be classified as a “medical decision.”)

I’m not going to discuss here how characterizing banning or restricting abortion as “government interference” into someone’s personal life is inaccurate. That’s another topic for another day. What’s at issue here is how Planned Parenthood has a double standard.

Planned Parenthood receives $487.4 million in taxpayer funding. No matter how many taxpayers oppose the public funding of abortions, Planned Parenthood gladly takes their money anyway, and puts it all in one big pot. You’ll never hear Planned Parenthood asking the government to stop interfering with the personal beliefs of people who don’t want to pay for someone else’s abortion.

Take ObamaCare as another prime example. ObamaCare, as currently written, forces religious corporations – like Hobby Lobby and Tyndale House Publishers – to pay for abortifacient devices and pills. ObamaCare forces religious colleges and universities to do the same thing. And yet, do you hear Planned Parenthood crying foul for “government interference” into what should be Americans’ personal decisions as to what they pay for? Nope. The religious freedom of Americans – a right that’s actually in the Constitution – doesn’t play into Planned Parenthood’s thought process at all, it seems.

“Government interference” matters only when it’s not Planned Parenthood who’s getting the millions of dollars in government funding. It matters only when abortion is not being supported. But if it is, you’ll hear no complaints offered from the hypocritical abortion giant. Instead, the cry is “no government interference,” and at the same time “fund it, government!”

Planned Parenthood is Steeped in Corruption and Fraud

Whether you read The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood, the Stearns Report, or Racial Targeting and Population Control – all recent special reports on investigations into Planned Parenthood – one thing is clear. Planned Parenthood is rotting from the inside out. This is an organization doomed by its owners’ and operators’ quest for power, sought on the scarred backs of women, minorities, and lower-income Americans. This is an abortion giant, seeking unearned and undeserved blood money in fraudulent ways from our states and taxpayers.

If you prefer to see facts visually rather than read reports full of statistics and facts, watch Maafa 21 (a documentary about Planned Parenthood’s targeting of the black race). You can also take a look at Live Action’s many investigative videos that reveal Planned Parenthood’s widespread corruption. Planned Parenthood lies to women about fetal development, refuses to admit the medical risks of abortion, has falsely claimed to provide mammograms, works alongside claimed sex-traffickers, hides statutory rape from the authorities, and agrees to target female babies in the womb, based solely on their gender.

My fellow Americans, these reasons only cover the surface. Common sense, basic logic, and the clear facts inform us that Planned Parenthood deserves no trust or good faith. They have failed women, and they have failed America. It’s time to defund them now. Sign the petition.

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