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Who had more supporters in Erie?

A few Planned Parenthood supporters came out in Eire, PA today:

But many, many more pro-lifers showed up to show support for our rally!

Yesterday Planned Parenthood had to ask their own staff to show up at their event, according to the local press.

So, in addition to paying for Planned Parenthood’s “PeptoBus” and their travel, meals, gas, signs, and other expenses, we also have to pay for the supports who come out to their rallies with our tax dollars?! Doesn’t that strike you as odd? All the more reason to defund Planned Parenthood, I say.

Tomorrow we’ll be in Langhorne, PA (10AM) – Syracuse, NY (3:45PM) – Watertown, NY (6PM) – we hope to see you there!

And, if you attended one of the rallies today, feel free to submit your photos and videos in the comment box below or upload them to Facebook and tag Live Action!

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