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Where is the mainstream media?

The mainstream media refused to give coverage to Sanctity of Life Week, and they continue to refuse fair coverage of the pro-life movement. Why is this, and what can we do to counteract it?

Sanctity of Life Week has just drawn to a close, and across America we have been edified, encouraged, and enthralled by the millions of people who have stood up for life.

Though there is much to celebrate, the Get Religion blog brings up a point that needs addressing: when more than 300,000 people march in Washington, D.C., and the mainstream press is almost totally silent, bias is no longer an accusation but a fact.

As it was put aptly by Creative Minority Report:

I’m sure they would’ve been noticed if their signs mentioned Gitmo. MSNBC, according to their website, had no stories on the march. CBS News had nothing.

A commenter on this post pointed out that NBC Washington did helpfully report, “March for Life could snarl traffic Friday.”

Make no mistake, this is no accidental oversight, but a pointed refusal to report the work we do and the witness we present for life… unless, of course, it is the violent action of a lunatic claiming he is “pro-life,” in which case it will be on the front page. This is done so that many Americans can go on thinking we are a small fringe group of beady-eyed zealots instead of a large, thriving, growing community of millions of intelligent people of all ages and faiths.

So why is the mainstream media against us? Simply put, because they, for the most part, are not us.

As philosopher and writer Peter Kreeft pointed out in his book Ecumenical Jihad: Ecumenism and the Culture War:

There is a wild divergence between the beliefs and values of ordinary people and those of the intellectual elite, or the teaching establishments in our society (journalism, public education, and entertainment). For instance, according to a poll by the secular Wirthlin Agency in Baltimore,

— while nearly all Americans (more than 90 percent) believe it is wrong to cheat sexually on your spouse, only about half of media people agree;

— while about half of all Americans attend religious services regularly, only 9 percent of media people do;

— while 72 percent (80 percent according to other polls) of Americans feel that abortion is somehow a bad thing and should have some restrictions placed on it by law, only 3 percent of media people do.

It’s obvious by now that the mainstream media are disinclined to report with any integrity on what we do, for whatever reason. So how do we counteract this?

First, we spread the word ourselves. Blogs like this one, and also our social networking sites, are an excellent way to spread the word about what’s really happening. Not only that, it’s a great way to bring to people’s attention what they’re not reading in their local paper, and why.

Second, we let the media know that we’re aware of their bias and are committed to exposing it. Pro-life groups and parishes can send press releases to newspapers, radio and TV stations, and individual journalists, urging them to be the one to tell the real story.

Third, we continue to support organizations like LiveAction.org that are committed to the truth, no matter how unpopular.

Those of us who remain active for pro-life do so with hope that the sanctity of human life will one day be recognized and protected. As a happy side effect, perhaps those who are supposed to be impartial are forced to look back in shame on their blatant bias, so that this movement eventually saves not only the unborn and their families, but the integrity of the media as well.

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