When the house is on fire

One of the most important, life-preserving rules in fire safety education is this: “When the house is on fire, DO NOT go back inside.”   The rule is often repeated and stamped in brochures with underlines and bold lettering because instructors know that it is human nature to cling to homes, to stuff and to the memories that they inspire.  Fire safety instructors know that even if it means risking their lives and the possibility of becoming nothing more than ashes, most humans will want – with all that is in them – to get back into that building and SAVE THEIR THINGS.  And so, the instructors proclaim this rule with urgency “WHEN THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE DO NOT GO BACK INSIDE.”

While I am certain that Planned Parenthood defenders are gravely mistaken and while I vehemently oppose their battle to protect an organization that kills, corrupts, victimizes and lies – I GET IT.  Their house (Planned Parenthood) is raging with fire and the displaced defenders are watching helplessly from the yard concerned less with the reality that flames of exposure and destruction are sweeping every inch of the building and more with the erroneous idea that if their house becomes rubble their “stuff” will too.

To its defenders Planned Parenthood is the allegorical home of FEMINISM.  Never mind, that the rights and freedoms of hundreds of thousands of little women are denied by their abortion procedures each year.  Never mind, that Planned Parenthood is silent even accommodating, while young girls are victimized, willingly returned to abuse and exploitation.  Never minding those hypocrisies, many feminists in our nation have long associated women’s freedom with Planned Parenthood.  And because they so value the precepts of that cause, they are willing to GO BACK INSIDE, denying the fire to protect their “stuff.”  Planned Parenthood is also considered home to social justice initiatives, health care access for the poor, and political identity.  However, those often positive causes and ambitions have very little to do with the institution that is Planned Parenthood.  As long as the organization can deceive its supporters into thinking that it is residence to their causes, Planned Parenthood can create for itself a well-meaning army of resistance against those who question its practices.

Planned Parenthood, like fire safety personnel, understands the human condition and the sometimes blinding desire to associate a place and things with self.  Accordingly, they have tricked their following into defending them even after mounting evidence that they compromise and deny the very causes which feminists and other social activists support.

The reality that the facade of Planned Parenthood is burning away, exposing the abhorrent frame and foundation of the business to America – matters not to those who think their STUFF and the glory of their personal cause is trapped inside.  And so, though the house is on fire, defenders would rather plug their noses to the smoke, ignore the charred debris and bright orange sparks that are floating to the ground around them – and while it is foolishness to those at a distance – THEY WANT TO GO BACK INSIDE.  If only these exhausted guardians knew that their “STUFF” is not buried in Planned Parenthood’s house.  The organization is not the home of feminism, nor the residence of social justice.  Passionate individuals do not need to risk their lives, call into question their sanity or waste their time rushing to the doors of this burning building.   They have, within themselves, all that they need to continue their advocacy for the causes in which they believe and they do not need the help of Planned Parenthood to do it.

The house of Planned Parenthood is indeed on fire and I am begging of its defenders “DO NOT GO BACK INSIDE.”

Note to the radical pro-abortion blogs that love to take everything out of its reasonable context to make extreme accusations: This article’s mention of Planned Parenthood on fire is clearly an analogy. In no way is arson against Planned Parenthood supported. Live Action is a 100% non-violent organization and does not associate with anyone who does not share that commitment.

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