What about “No-Keds”? Jezebel magazine writer seeks to name an abortion shoe

So funny.

The conversation about SB 5 is continuing to sink lower. The liberal media has helped shift the focus of the bill from protecting the lives of babies born after 20 weeks to rouge-colored shoes and Wendy Davis’s catheter.

In the midst of the frenzied hero-worship of Davis, there are some valuable things being reported about SB 5. Assistant professor of political science Micheal K. New writes:

SB 5 enjoyed broad support in the Texas legislature. For a bill that the media spin machine relentlessly tried to hype as controversial, SB 5 was supported by nearly two thirds of the State Senate. A similar bill was supported by 70 percent of the State House. A recent poll by National Journal finds that by a 48-44 margin, Americans favor banning abortion after 20 weeks of gestation. Furthermore, 50 percent of women surveyed support the ban.

New gives us some interesting facts. But hey, who wants to talk about public opinion on late-term abortion when we can talk about snazzy running shoes turning into feminist symbols of power?

Wonder what Rosie's shoes looked like?

Wonder what Rosie’s shoes looked like!

Katie J.M. Baker, writing for Jezebel, published an article titled “What Should Be the ‘Abortion Shoe?’” Katie’s article is obviously (Dear, God…hopefully) a somewhat facetious piece. Baker wonders why Mizuno (the company that produced the shoe donned in the 10-hour filibuster) isn’t eager to join the Wendy Davis fan club. She writes:

But, aside from some supportive tweets, Mizuno hasn’t jumped at the chance to attach itself to the woman who will hopefully be the next Governor of Texas/President/my new best friend. Why?

The supportive tweet she was likely referring to was this statement from Mizuno:

“We do appreciate Ms. Davis’ choice in athletic footwear,” the company’s statement said. “However, we do not maintain a corporate position related to the topic in discussion.”

Baker simply can’t understand why Mizuno isn’t throwing roses at Davis’s famous feet. She sides with Fashionista magazine, who said it must be because Mizuno President Robert Puccini donated twice to the Republican party and gasp…voted for Romney in 2012.

Mizuno doesn’t want to become the go-to Liberal Baby-Killing footwear brand. Bummer. Who’ll step up to the plate?

Baker decides she’ll take first swing by “brainstorming” some potential names for abortion friendly shoes: Here’s her list:

  • No-Keds (get it?!)
  • Jeffrey Campbell Litas, because they look like surgical instruments
  • Swedish Hasbeens, the ubiquitous shoe of liberal college grads
  • Heelies, because they help you skate away from your responsibilities as a WOMAN AND MOTHER
  • Dr. Scholls, because Dr. Scholl was really an abortionist


Well, there you have it, folks. It’s not just the insensitive and utterly pathetic jokes that are troubling. My main cause for concern is the way our nation has become desensitized to the reality of abortion. You can tell a lot about a country by observing the things its citizens deem comical. I searched through the comment section of Katie’s article, half-hoping to find some rational person who objected to cheap jokes at the expense of dead children. Instead, I found what Katie asked for. More suggestions for an abortion shoe:

Eloise Vanian 

I believe in my right to Choos. Jimmy Choos. Friday 3:55pm


DC Shoes — Dilation and CurettageFriday 3:58pm


Nike’s new abortion shoes. Made 100% from aborted fetuses. Friday 3:56pm


All Day I Dream About Suction-aspiration

People can seek to trivialize abortion by laughing about it. Yet if they understood the pain babies killed after 20 weeks suffer, their smug chuckles and witty remarks might turn into sympathy and tears. I’d ask everyone whose eager to buy a new pair of sneakers to watch this video before they do. Listen to three abortion clinic employees tell true and shocking stories of watching 20-plus-week babies being born alive and then killed by an abortionist. Let’s forget the shoes and Davis’s newfound celebrity status. Let’s focus on the women and children in TX who need protection.

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