Website provides one-stop guide to Little Sisters of the Poor case against HHS

Website provides one-stop guide to Little Sisters of the Poor case against HHS

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The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is announcing a new website specifically dedicated to explaining the Little Sisters of the Poor’s ongoing legal battle with the Obama Administration and setting the record straight on the government’s claims against the charitable Catholic order.

As Live Action News has covered, the Little Sisters have been one of the most high-profile targets of the Obama Administration’s efforts to force religious groups to provide contraceptive coverage. The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against them last summer, but the US Supreme Court agreed in November to hear their case, as part of a consolidated consideration of all pending cases against the contraception mandate. The case is expected to be heard on March 23.

The new website details the work of the Little Sisters and the contraception controversy, making the case that forcing the Little Sisters to violate their religious beliefs is not only unjust but unnecessary. It notes a number of little-realized points about the issue, including that 1 in 3 Americans do not have a plan subject to the HHS mandate and that corporations such as Exxon and Pepsi have been exempted from the mandate, and features a comic strip summarizing and lampooning the government’s case.

The Becket Fund notes that the Little Sisters “have received widespread support including from a diverse coalition of religious leaders representing Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Native American, Catholic, Protestant, and other faiths,” as well as more than 40 friend-of-the-court briefs to the Supreme Court.

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