“Vote Life” Launched by Fellowship of Catholic University Students to Encourage Voter Participation

Getting people informed on issues crucial to protecting life.

America, the very future of your nation depends on your willingness to protect the Right to Life of the most defenseless in your society.  –Bl. John Paul II

Young adults had a large influence on the last presidential election according to the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS):

In 2008, the 2nd largest youth voter turnout (ages 18-29) took place.  Sixty percent of those voters elected our current president — illustrating the power our generation has to shape the future of our country and our world!

In order to encourage college campus students to become educated on the issues and informed about the candidates viewpoints, FOCUS, which maintains a presence on 74 different campuses in 30 different states, launched the website “Vote Life.”

According to the organization:

Vote Life was designed to help students register to vote/assist them in voting with an absentee ballot, to help people know where a candidate stands on the issues, and to make it easy for students to spread the word, encouraging others to do the same.  Voters are able to prepare for the election by accessing Voters Guides and comparing the Candidates on both a national and local level.  In addition, Vote Life encourages the use of Social Media to witness for Life by offering downloadable Facebook profile and cover photos.

The Vote Life website also offers a comparison chart on Mitt Romney’s and Barack Obama’s viewpoints on taxpayer funding for abortion, Roe v. Wade, funding for abortion providers, the ObamaCare health care law, and rights of consciences.

“Vote Life” provides Facebook banners such as this one to spread the word about voting to protect life.

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