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Violent anti-life professor sued by pro-life students she attacked

The University of California Santa Barbara and feminist studies professor Mireille Miller-Young are being sued by students who were attacked by Miller-Young over the summer.

Life Legal Defense Foundation is representing the pro-life students, who were demonstrating by holding up graphic images of abortion in a free-speech zone of the campus at the time of Miller-Young’s attack. “The civil suit,” announced by LLDF last week, “seeks compensation for physical battery, property theft and civil rights violations,” according to the organization.

LLDF president Dana Cody characterized Miller-Young — whose doctoral dissertation was entitled, “A Taste for Brown Sugar: The History of Black Women in American Pornography” — as an educator who is not doing her job properly:

This is a mature, supposedly educated woman charged by the University of California to convey knowledge, and instead she conveyed discrimination and intolerance. Not only was she out of line in attacking students, but she literally drew blood from a minor,

The professor forcibly stole signs from the students, and when pursued by the demonstrators who sought to recover their property, Miller-Young’s outburst became more physical. She kicked and scratched a sixteen-year-old girl who put her foot in the way of Miller-Young’s elevator door, leaving scratch marks on her arm. When demonstrators called Miller-Young a thief, the professor retorted that she may be a thief, but the pro-life students were “terrorists.”

Below, a FoxNews segment includes video filmed by students during the incident in July.

The mother of two of the victims took issue with Miller-Young’s excuse that her outburst was caused by her pregnancy, pointing out that this was not the professor’s first time disrupting free speech on abortion:

Shortly after the incident, I was contacted by members of another group, Justice for All. A few years ago they set up a pro-life display at UCSB. Miller-Young approached the display and engaged in the same type of angry, bullying, demeaning diatribe in that situation as she did here. Justice for All sent me photos of Miller-Young at the scene. The difference was that their signs were very large and surrounded by a barricade. Miller-Young’s behavior on March 4 was not caused by her pregnancy.

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