Video: Man with cerebral palsy created incredible artwork with only a typewriter

Paul Smith, a man who suffered with severe cerebral palsy from an early age, created incredible works of art using nothing but a typewriter for decades. Paul used ten of the symbol keys on the typewriter, and compiled a portfolio of hundreds of masterpieces, including an astonishing replica of the Monalisa.


Smith could not use a pen or paint brushes, but thanks to his determination and his typewriter, Smith expressed his impressive artistic abilities.

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Smith lived at Rose Haven Nursing Center from the 1960’s until his death in 2007. The staff and residents there were, to Paul, a family. The home displays many of his masterpieces in the halls. “The artist is even more inspiring than his art,” said his friends. A devout Catholic, Smith was inspired by his faith to create much of his art, and believed that his talent was a gift from God.

When people told Smith that they could never do what he did, his response reflected his positive attitude toward life, “What can you do?”

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