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Video from a NY Planned Parenthood affiliate: inaccurate and downright weird

A lucrative Planned Parenthood affiliate in New York pulls out all the stops to bring viewers the most awkward and misleading video experience possible. The video was released in 2011, but until Saysumthn’s Blog brought it to the fore this week, the video languished in obscurity with very few views… and we can see why. This isn’t the first of Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic‘s super creepy and awkward videos, either. This video, for example, shows young girls how the very existence of condoms will make their desire not to have sex magically disappear. Here’s the 2011 video:

Let’s see the sampling of lies PP pulled out for the video above.




Does a large portion of the women you serve live in a cave with a tunnel that goes to and from Planned Parenthood and nowhere else? Because that’s basically the only way you could be the only source of family planning for any woman in the United States. Almost every grocery store, drug store, and gas station sells condoms. Also, family planning that involves abstinence only on days of fertility is as effective as the Pill (and women who practice it don’t even need a drug store, much less a Planned Parenthood).




It should not be news to anyone, but Planned Parenthood does not treat HIV.




Another piece of misinformation. Planned Parenthood’s method of breaking down their “services” is very clever. For example: An abortion is a “service.” And so is one condom. So if you have an abortion and receive five condoms and a pack of pills when you walk out the door, Planned Parenthood records that they provided you with seven “services.”  This is how Planned Parenthood is able to claim that 90% of their services are preventive (furthermore, it’s arguable that their “preventive” services don’t do much preventing — see the lowest-ranked condoms on this Consumer Reports list). In reality, Planned Parenthood revenue is driven by abortion, which is in no way “preventive” care.




Planned Parenthood ends more than 330,000 lives each year in abortion. Don’t be fooled by Planned Parenthood’s misleading logic that their birth control business lowers the rate of unplanned pregnancy. It doesn’t, as evidenced by the fact that a majority of women who come to Planned Parenthood with unintended pregnancies were on birth control when conception occurred.




The only way a woman could lose access to the type of breast exams Planned Parenthood provides is if she lost her own hands. Because manually feeling for lumps is all PP can do for you – and that’s something women can (and should) do for themselves at least once a month. Sorry Planned Parenthood: you can keep your dirty hands to yourself.

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