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UPDATE: Planned Parenthood still silent on escort assault of Lila Rose

In mid-December, Planned Parenthood escort Gerard Nordley verbally and physically assaulted Live Action president Lila Rose while she was leading a group of high-schoolers sidewalk counseling at a local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. Gerard approached Lila calling her “stupid” and “piece of crap” as she attempted to talk to him, and he then slapped her hand, knocking literature and a Bible to the ground.

Blogger Cassy Fiano reports that over a month after the incident took place, Planned Parenthood still refuses to comment. Cassy says she “called their public relations department repeatedly for over a month” and “left message after message,” yet Planned Parenthood never responded by phone or e-mail. Get the full story here.

Come to think of it, can anyone remember the last time Planned Parenthood actually apologized for doing anything wrong?

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