United Way anti-statutory rape campaign refers to Planned Parenthood

Another H/T to Jill Stanek for this absurd story. Pro-Life Wisconsin reports on a new statutory rape prevention campaign by the United Way that uses this poster:

United Way has close past ties to Planned Parenthood. But the real scandal is on the website,, promoted by the advertisement. On a site for a campaign to prevent statutory rape, one nevertheless finds the language of Planned Parenthood on a page on “Teen Sexual Rights,” which includes a section on “Seeing A Doctor Confidentially:”

– Minors can see a doctor confidentially (privately) at most clinics for these services:

1. screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and

2. alcohol or other drug abuse without parent consent.

For pregnancy testing and birth control prescriptions specifically, a minor must go to a federally funded family planning clinic such as Planned Parenthood. (Title X, 42 C.F.R §59.5) In these clinics, all sexual health issues are confidential (kept private) unless the doctor has concern for abuse, child safety or exploitation, and then they would have to report it. (WI statute 48.981) If you are interested in either pregnancy testing or birth control, speak with your individual doctor to see if they provide these two services.

So statutory rape will be kept confidential at “a federally funded family planning clinic like Planned Parenthood” “unless the doctor has concern for abuse, child safety or exploitation.” According to the site, the law does not require reporting if there is a reasonable suspicion of abuse–it’s up to the subjective concern of the clinic. Which, based on what we’ve found at Milwaukee’s Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, is not too great:

BTW, the United Way site also refers to this same Planned Parenthood clinic.

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