Undercover reporter speaks to #ShoutYourAbortion protester at RNC

During the Republican National Convention, MRCTV’s Dan Joseph went undercover as a Bernie Sanders supporter to speak to protesters. He came across a young woman wearing her #ShoutYourAbortion t-shirt. The pro-abortion campaign hailing the procedure was from last September, but the group has resurrected it for the convention, as their Twitter proudly advertises.

The woman’s words suggest that the campaign was purposefully meant as a slap in the face to the RNC, due to the Republican Party’s passage of the most pro-life platform in its history.

She told Joseph:

So, shouting your abortion is all about taking this stigma away from abortion. The more we say it, ‘abortion, abortion, abortion,’ every single time you say it, the more the stigma is taken away. So that’s so important to have our voices heard, and especially in a space like this.

Attempts to normalize a procedure which ends the death of another human being have failed consistently. Perhaps this is because shouting the fact that you had an abortion doesn’t change what an abortion is.

“I’ve had one [abortion] and I’m so proud that I had the bravery to make the right decision for myself at the time,” the woman told Joseph during the interview. But that’s just the problem… abortion isn’t just a decision that a woman makes for herself. She decides upon the life or death of her own child.

While it’s debatable that having an abortion is “brave,” there are certainly groups who want to make the decision easier for women — by helping them to get them for free. If abortion groups and those who agree with the 2016 Democratic Party platform get their way, taxpayer dollars could go towards abortions for low-income women. The DNC is pushing for the Hyde Amendment to be repealed, a bipartisan rider passed every year which has saved at least one million lives since 1976.

Joseph asks the woman what she thinks of things like partial-birth abortion:

Joseph: How far do we go? Because obviously partial-birth  abortion, not popular, long way off from it, how do we get to that point?

Young woman: Yes. Well, partial-birth abortion was a term coined by the right.

Joseph: I’ve picked up some of their terminology, so…

Young woman: No, exactly, that’s how pervasive it is.

While the pro-abortion camp may object to the term used to describe a late-term abortion, this does not change the barbarity of the procedure, also known as intact dilation and evacuation or dilation and extraction (D&X or DNX). The baby is alive and moving while the abortionist delivers everything except the child’s head, before using scissors to make a hole in the back of the baby’s skull and suctioning out his brain for easier removal.

What about that procedure would make “partial-birth abortion” an incorrect term, regardless of whether or not it was “coined by the right”? Arguing over the name of such a barbaric procedure is nothing more than a distraction. The procedure was federally banned in 2003, and in 2007 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld that ban with Gonzales v. Carhart, much to the anger of pro-abortion groups, who had protested the ban with their March for Women’s Lives in 2004.

However, the also gruesome induction abortion is still legal and performed today, as Dr. Anthony Levatino, a former abortionist, describes:

In an interesting moment of video irony, Joseph notices the pro-abortion woman’s hat, which features a meat grinder. Laughingly, she explains that it represents her favorite restaurant and is unrelated to her #shoutyourabortion protest. She seems to find the whole thing rather humorous. But this type of dark humor isn’t uncommon among the pro-abortion camp. In fact, even notorious late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart was caught on tape likening a deceased child in utero to “meat in a crockpot.”

As Live Action News’ Cassy Fiano reported last week, there were other women at the RNC who were “shouting” their abortions — some quite literally.

Despite the attention given by the media to the movement to destigmatize abortion, there are many post-abortive women who participate in campaigns of their own, sharing their regret and to encouraging women not to make the same choice they did.

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