U.S. Senate defeats amendment to give $1 billion to Planned Parenthood and abortion groups

U.S. Senate defeats amendment to give $1 billion to Planned Parenthood and abortion groups

The U.S. Senate defeated two amendments Thursday that would have forced taxpayers to fund abortion groups. Lawmakers rejected a measure that would have removed a provision from a reconciliation bill eliminating 80 percent of federal taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood for one year.

H.R. 3762 prohibits federal funding to groups that receive over $350 million and perform abortions in cases other than rape, incest, or life of the mother. The budget reconciliation bill also repeals provisions of Obamacare that encourage public funding for abortion coverage, which is a clear violation of the freedom of conscience.

One amendment, by Senators Patty Murray and Ron Wyden, would have authorized $1 billion in federal funding for groups that provide elective abortions. The Murray-Wyden Amendment would replace Section 101 with language authorizing more funding to abortion groups. Lawmakers rejected the amendment 54-46.

A second amendment, sponsored by three Senate Republicans, would have removed the provision defunding Planned Parenthood from the bill to repeal ObamaCare.


The measure, sponsored by Senators Mark Kirk, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins, fell short by three votes—48-52— and would have struck the portion of the bill prohibiting federal funding for Planned Parenthood for one year.

H.R. 3762 is a reconciliation bill, which means that the legislation is filibuster-proof, and requires only 51 votes to pass the Senate. President Obama, however, has threatened to veto the measure.

Despite a veto threat, Live Action President Lila Rose noted that sending the bill to the President sends a strong message to the American public.

“Sending a bill to the president will certainly generate media headlines and make more Americans aware of the ongoing and widespread ​horrors that occur at Planned Parenthood​,” Rose said. “And perhaps ​this could force the president’s hand​ to stop the forced taxpayer funding of the abortion giant, which kills over 300,000 babies a year​.”

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