Two Planned Parenthood abortion facilities close in Pennsylvania

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has shut down two more Pennsylvania facilities, bringing the total to six closings in the state since 2013.

The Pennsylvania Family Institute reports that the abortion chain closed its Elizabeth Blackwell Center and shuttered another facility in Red Lion.


Planned Parenthood has reportedly closed six facilities in the state since 2013, with closings in Hanover, Collegeville, St. David’s, and Carlisle.

A total of 12 abortion facilities in the state shut down due to their failure to comply with basic health and safety standards. Two of the facilities, run by abortionist Steven Brigham, were closed by state authorities. Brigham was prohibited from operating in Pennsylvania following a number of botched abortions and health and safety violations.

The Whole Women’s Health Funding Priorities Act, or HB 1623, would redirect Planned Parenthood’s funding to comprehensive health clinics and qualified providers.

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