TV coverage: Live Action President Lila Rose leads pro-life training in Indiana

INC Now reports on Live Action President Lila Rose training

The other lecturer was a recent UCLA graduate named Lila Rose.

Rose is nationally known for her work as the President of Live Action, a pro-life new media organization she founded when she was a teenager.

Rose spoke at length about her work uncovering illegal activities at Planned Parenthood and about the fact that images make movements.

Rose said just like the American Civil Rights Movement, which used graphic images of mutilated and lynched African-Americans, the Pro-Life Movement should use graphic pictures and video of what she calls, the victims of abortion.

“When people know the truth about what abortion does to a human child, how women are negatively affected by abortion, what abortion clinics do to communities because of the way they cover up sex abuse for instance of sex abuse victims, then people come to a conclusion in their hearts and minds that this is not something they want in their communities,” Live Action President Lila Rose said.

Watch the video coverage and read the full story here.

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