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Today: National Abortionist Prayer Day

National Abortionist Prayer Day

Today, the men and women who have chosen to use their training as physicians to end lives rather than help them thrive are being honored by the abortion lobby in America with “National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.” A quick glance at the event’s hashtag, #Thx2AbProviders, indicates that many pro-abortion organizations have jumped on the abortionist-thanking bandwagon. From Pro-Choice Oregon (Oregon’s NARAL affiliate):

However, many of the individual Americans tweeting the hashtag are pro-lifers who are stunned that a day dedicated to honoring such a gruesome profession exists. The irony of the day was not lost on people like @Jill_Speaks:

Students for Life of America took to Facebook with its response to National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, urging Americans to transform the day into National Abortionist Prayer Day. The organization said:

Abortion advocates have declared today “National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.” Let’s counter this by making it “National Abortionist Prayer Day.”

Please keep an abortionist in your thoughts and prayers today – that their eyes will be opened, their heart will be changed, and the killing will stop.

To take the prayer endeavor one step farther, consider praying for a local abortionist by name. You can easily find out which abortionists operate near you by visiting Operation Rescue’s site, Simply click on your state, and then zoom into the map and hover over red pins to see the names of abortionists near you.

Abortionists like Bernard Nathanson, Anthony Levatino, Beverly McMillan, and many others eventually gave up their gruesome professions to dedicate their time to the pro-life cause. Many of them attribute their change of heart to prayer. Together we can cover the nation’s abortionists in prayer, and we will make a difference in ending abortion in our lifetime.

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