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Your Daily Awesome: Three reasons to feel good about the pro-life movement today

Pro-life causes are blossoming throughout the country. That’s nothing to sniff at.

Y’all, sometimes it’s hard to be pro-life. The law, the media, pop culture, and a lot of our friends are against us. Over a million unborn babies die every year. If we sat around all day and thought about the abortions going on all the time, our lives would suck.

Here are a few things we can rejoice about today:

1. Recently I told you about the documentary film It’s a Girl, which shines a much-needed spotlight on gendercide around the globe, especially in China and India. In the past few weeks, the film has premiered at the British Parliament in London and at the European Parliament in Brussels. This is great news, because important European lawmakers are being made aware – finally – of the genocide of female babies, infants, and young girls. On October 30, Lord David Alton made the following remarks when the movie premiered at the House of Lords:

One United Nations expert estimates that gendercide has cost the lives of around two hundred million women and girls worldwide over the past thirty years. It has also led to violence against citizens and sometimes murder of those who don’t comply with the policy.

Make no mistake: this is a war.  China’s One Child Policy causes more violence against women and girls than any other policy on earth – than any official policy in the history of the world.

Statistics related to the birth control policy are staggering. The Chinese government says about thirteen million abortions are carried out every year. That amounts to one thousand, four hundred and fifty eight every sixty minutes or, to put it another way, a Tiananmen Square massacre every hour. The vast majority, of course, are girls.

Lord Alton went on to encourage everyone to put pressure on China to end their One-Child Policy and to spread the truth about its barbaric consequences.

Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, was deeply involved in the production of It’s A Girl. I’ll be speaking with her next week, screening the film, and telling you more about their new campaign, “Save A Girl.”

Meanwhile, watch the trailer and see how you can get involved to view and share this film.

Left to right: Council for Life president Janna Lewis, honored guest Dr. Charles Stanley, Becky Broderson, Rebecca Lutz, keynote speaker Ray Comfort.

2. I’ve told you lots of times about Council for Life, an extraordinary Dallas-based organization that raises money for pro-life businesses. On November 8, they held their annual Celebrating Life Luncheon and announced two awesome things: a) the opening of their first affiliate chapter in Ft. Worth, and b) the fact that they have now raised over $4 million for life-affirming agencies since 2001. That money means a lot of ultrasound machines, a lot of sonographers hired, a lot of phones manned, new spaces leased, and in general a lot of lives saved and women helped because of the generosity of Council for Life and their donors and members. Nearly a thousand people attended this year’s luncheon at the Hilton Anatole to listen to keynote speaker Ray Comfort and generously give of themselves to celebrate and preserve life.


3. Okay, I’m biased because I’ve been a part of this organization for years. But seriously, if you’re not aware of New Wave Feminists, you need to be. Founder and president Destiny Herndon De La Rosa is a powerhouse of hilarious and righteous pro-life feminism. A teen mom turned married mother of four and professional writer, Destiny (and that awesome chick Kristen Walker Hatten I keep hearing about) have a lot to say about abortion, abstinence, morality, pornography, STDs, gin-and-tonics, Texas, hair dye, and more. Maybe we get a little off-topic, but whatever.

Thing is, it’s possible to be pro-life, righteous, moral, feminine, and super-kick-ass all at the same time. New Wave Feminists will show you the way. Check us out on Facebook, and fear not: there is a place for you, pro-life gal with tattoos. You are not the only woman in the world who loves babies and dying your hair weird colors. You are not the only anti-pornography crusader who loves Jesus and that one Kreayshawn video. Come hang out with us. If you’re in the Dallas area, you’re in the heart of NWF country. If you’re in Mississippi or Louisiana, you’re probably pretty close to our first affiliate chapter, New Wave Feminists Dirty Souf. But wherever you are, thanks to the magic of the internets, you can join the movement.

—Let’s not be anti-abortion, or anti-anything. Let’s be pro-life. Let’s celebrate the God-given gift of existing as a human being on this planet, and decide to do something to show our gratitude for that gift. It begins with being thankful for the little victories, and getting involved with organizations like Women’s Rights International, Council for Life, or even New Wave Feminists. Share the It’s a Girl trailer, donate to Council for Life, join your voice with NWF. Do something today to celebrate your life and help save another.

Then you can go watch E! some more. I won’t judge.

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