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Three awesome (and affordable!) pro-life Christmas gifts

For the pro-lifer in your (pro-)life.

Christmas means a lot of things. It means celebrating the majesty and mystery of the birth of Christ. It means savoring family and togetherness. It also means equal parts commercialism and complaining about commercialism. For every annoying TV ad about a big huge giant enormous once-in-a-lifetime sale, there is an equally annoying article, Facebook post, or other commentary about how horribly awfully awful it is that everyone cares so much about gifts at this holy time of year.

Well, guess what! Gifts are a part of Christmas, and they always will be. So instead of griping about it, why don’t we use it? It is possible to make commercialism work for us. As long as we’re buying gifts, why not make them meaningful?

Below are a few affordable, convenient gifts you can buy the pro-lifer in your life. Here’s the best part: they all benefit the pro-life movement.

1. Go Christmas Caroling the Pro-Life Way

For the 12th year in a row, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust will go caroling at local abortion clinics.

I love caroling. I’ve never actually done it, usually because I’m not an organize-a-caroling-expedition type of gal. I’m more of a have-a-little-too-much-eggnog-and-decide-we-should-all-go-caroling type of gal. For some reason, nobody wants to join me.

But I love the idea of caroling. It’s simple and beautiful. You knock on someone’s door and sing to them. Then again, I love all the cheezy, traditional trappings of Christmas – just ask my husband. Oh, wait, you can’t. He is busy stapling lights to our balcony.

Pro-life caroling adds a touch of, well, pro-lifeyness to the whole caroling thing. The good folks from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust not only sing, but they come bearing gift baskets for potentially abortion-minded mothers. This is my favorite part. The baskets are filled with bibs, rattles, booties, and other baby goodies, as well as information on where and how to get real help with their pregnancies.

This isn’t a gift you give to just anyone. It’s a gift for an expectant mother. Gather some friends, spend a few bucks making gifts baskets, and you’re all set. I can’t think of a better way to give the gift of life this year.

2. A Sassy Tote Bag

I have big news. For the first time ever, Destiny and Kristen (that would be me) of New Wave Feminists will be – drum roll, please – attending the March for Life in Washington, D.C. That’s right, folks: in January of 2013, we will be unleashed on our nation’s capital. I will be attending partly as an Ambassador of Awesomeness for Live Action, but I will also be traveling with my NWF counterpart and helping her spread the word about a new feminism – moral, virtuous, and unapologetically pro-life.

To help finance our trip, we are selling what might well be the most spectacular tote bags ever created. They are canvas, they are hot pink, they were designed by Destiny, and they feature a quote from moi. Also – best part – they are $20. Gift one to yourself, or buy one for the badass pro-life feminist(s) in your life.

3. A Donation to the Save A Girl Campaign

I know I keep talking about this campaign, but there’s a reason for that. Every time I think about it, I tear up. Reggie Littlejohn and the good people at Women’s Rights Without Frontiers have outdone themselves with this initiative to save baby girls in China. Field workers identify and approach women who are pregnant and intend to abort or abandon their daughters. They offer the women a monthly stipend to keep their daughters. For only $25 a month, you can literally save the life of a baby girl who was intended for gendercide. As of last month, Reggie Littlejohn said every woman who had been approached had kept her baby. At that time, 28 babies had been saved.

The only limit to the number of women and children this campaign can help is the number of people willing to give. Littlejohn says by this time next year, they’d like to be supporting a thousand babies.

Donate to the Save A Girl campaign in the name of your pro-life loved one. Give the gift of life on behalf of someone committed to its sanctity. There is no more meaningful gift.

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