These victims of the Sexual Revolution deserve to be heard

Those victimized by the Sexual Revolution seem to be as numerous as the sands on the seashore. Even those who escaped unscathed from the aftermath know someone who was not so fortunate.

Those victimized by the Sexual Revolution know their voices are not welcome in the public square. Their comments, questions, and especially criticisms of modern day political correctness will be shut out.  Who are these people victimized by the Sexual Revolution?  Let me name a few, though this is not an exhaustive list…

1. Children conceived through artificial reproduction

If there is one group of people who best personifies those victimized by the Sexual Revolution, it would be those conceived through the artificial means of reproductive technology.  Many do not know the identity of their fathers, who donated sperm to sperm banks for cash.  Thus, half of their identity is missing. They feel a sadness in never knowing their biological father.

Others may not know any either of their biological parents. They may even have been gestated and birthed by a surrogate-for-hire, who did not raise them.  Some are being raised by gay parents, having never been given a chance to be raised by a mother and a father. This can leave such children with deep, unanswered questions.

Children conceived by artificial means are welcome to speak out in the pop culture only when they have nothing negative to say.  Otherwise, if they openly question the manner of their origin, they are hushed. If they wonder aloud why they were never given the chance to know their fathers, they are told to be silent and to be thankful just to be alive.

There is a forum for them to voice their pain and confusion at AnonymousUs.org.  At this site are heartfelt testimonials from those involved in artificial reproduction.  You’re not going to hear these people’s stories on your six o’clock news.

2. Women emotionally wounded from past abortions

The Sexual Revolution fed couples the lie that they could have sex without the expectation of children.  Contraception was there to make this promiscuous lifestyle a fun reality – except when it failed. At that point, abortion was pushed as the backup plan. Couples would get to have sex and still not have to birth or raise a resulting child.

Such an unnatural, immoral “solution” didn’t satisfy everyone involved, especially the mothers. Many carry the burden of knowing they have killed their own children.  The guilt and pain from such a decision can haunt them the rest of their lives.

An elective abortion is the most common surgery in America; thousands are performed each day.  Yet, do you see CNN or even Fox News lining up post-abortive mothers to share their stories?  No, the mass media ignores abortion’s aftermath on individuals.

3. Women who lost their fertility after abortion

Sometimes women lose their fertility as a result of an abortion.  Some can conceive afterward but suffer miscarriages.  Sadly, such women are not uncommon.  Those who end up with a perforated uterus, or who endure scar tissue making conception impossible are not mentioned in pop culture.

Many other women lose out on the chance to bear children, or even die as a result of birth control use or contracting sexually transmitted diseases.  Yet, is this segment of the population given a voice to speak out?  How many people even know they exist?  Learning of such tragedy would not fit the politically-correct narrative.

4. Mothers who gave birth after being raped

I have written about this group of people in the past, and I will write about them again, because they are important and they deserve a voice. The mothers who courageously give birth after suffering a rape all too frequently serve as nothing more than a political football in modern politics.

You would be hard-pressed to find a politician, much less a Presidential candidate, who thinks public policy should disallow all abortions. No, no. The politically correct position to take is to say that those who conceive children as a result of rape or incest should be permitted to have their children dismembered in the womb.  They don’t want to appear to be too extreme, after all.

And how do they arrive at this ill-advised position?  Perhaps because they don’t ever bother to ask those who have conceived in rape and incest what their feelings are. They just assume to know the answers. If they did allow such mothers to speak out, as they wish to do, they would likely hear a very different narrative from what they expect.

These are four examples of people chewed up and spit out by the Sexual Revolution.  Their stories are silenced from the public square.  Are you one of them? If so, I encourage you to click on the links above to find organizations you can contact to help change the narrative in this culture.  It’s time your voice is heard!

Kevin Kukla is a happy husband and proud father living in East Texas.  Read more of his thoughts on the pro-life movement and combatting the Culture of Death by signing up for his email list at his blog, ProLife365.com.

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