The Young Turks’ incoherent outrage over latest Live Action sting

In short, they’re kind of ridiculous.

The progressive internet talk show “The Young Turks” “reports” on (more like rants rather ignorantly about) the Bill O’Reilly coverage of Live Action’s new sting. “The Young Turks” likes to be “outraged” about the stupid, evil right-wing extremists, which tends to lead to some foolish bluster. Their coverage of these sorts of things typically begins with a “report” about what they’re doing, and subsequently degenerates into cussing out the right-wing morons they oppose. They like to substitute outraged incoherence for actual reporting, so expect to be offended.

I thought I’d highlight some of the errors in the video.

First, they claim that Bill O’Reilly doesn’t question anything. If they were to watch, Bill O’Reilly does indeed question Lila Rose about the full content of the tape. He asks her about what was edited out of the tape, which Lila Rose explains is only more damaging to Planned Parenthood. He goes on to explain that they had already viewed the full unedited tape to double-check that it wasn’t doctored. Live Action has also made the unedited videos available for viewing.

They are “DISGUSTED” by the fact that the video includes the Planned Parenthood worker explaining that she had two abortions. They leap to the conclusion that this is because Live Action and Bill O’Reilly want to make her look like a horrible person. Well, the reason why this was included is very obvious, but I guess they missed it. The fact is that the Planned Parenthood worker is claiming that abortion is totally safe, she’s even had two abortions, and the woman seeking an abortion has no need to worry about any complications. But in fact, there are many major health risks associated with abortion. Live Action surely did not intend to portray the worker at Planned Parenthood as this thoroughly disgusting individual who has so wickedly had two abortions. The purpose was to highlight the lies and misinformation Planned Parenthood is pumping out (as shown in other Live Action stings).

It’s easier for pro-choice media groups to paint pro-lifers as these misogynistic, vengeful, nasty people out to make women’s lives miserable when confronted with anything that undermines their own position. The Young Turks might be interested to know that Abby Johnson’s new group And Then There Were None, designed to reach out to abortion workers, is in fact reaching out to the worker who was fired from Planned Parenthood.

Then they denounce the whole thing as “entirely invented” (something worthy only of the evil Fox News). However, the fact is that even abortion groups are admitting that sex-selection abortions are happening in the U.S. I don’t think you need statistics to understand that this is happening. This is what Planned Parenthood stands for: “family planning.” Planning your pregnancy so you can have just the right sort of child you want. It’s all part of their eugenicist roots.

The next thing I find very interesting is that they claim that Live Action is showing only the best stuff they got. Except Lila Rose told us yesterday that this was seen in every clinic they went into. Apparently the Young Turks, shooting their show before the second Live Action video was even released, were not aware that Live Action has performed this sting in many clinics across the country and that more videos are forthcoming. It wasn’t one employee in just one state. It’s many employees in many states at many different clinics. So I wonder what the results would be of a study of how informed people were after watching the Young Turks, given that they substitute the facts for emotionally driven rants about the evil right.

They also don’t think the worker said anything wrong, even though they admit that Planned Parenthood fired the worker. I think it’s very revealing that people strongly in favor of “abortion rights” are not seeing a problem with this. There we go. We hardly even need hidden cameras – they’re up-front and open about how the whole thing. Of course, that’s what Planned Parenthood does – what’s the problem?

They also are unaware that a late-term abortion occurs after the 20<sup>th</sup> week of gestation. Claiming otherwise, ironically, after a long spiel about how misinformed people are if they watch Fox News. They obviously didn’t understand the implications of the video. The Planned Parenthood employee in the video is advising the woman that she might have to have a late-term abortion in order to wait long enough to determine the sex of the baby. They claim that Bill O’Reilly and Lila Rose are making that up, but I got that from my first viewing of the video (which was before the Bill O’Reilly show). I guess I just know what a late-term abortion is, and they obviously don’t.

In the following video, again, they seem to think that this sting occurred in just one clinic. It didn’t; it occurred in several.

They lament that Planned Parenthood fired the worker, claiming that she didn’t do anything wrong. Which is a fact we’re interested in as well. Planned Parenthood claims that this is all a hoax yet fires the worker.

As for filming the woman revealing that she had had more than one abortion…as I said above, the fact is that she’s claiming there’s no risks involved. This was not an attempt to smear the Planned Parenthood worker and let everyone know she’s had more than one abortion, but to illustrate the fact that Planned Parenthood employees are willing to lie and misinform clients to persuade them to have an abortion.

And isn’t being proud and speaking out about one’s abortion what we see the pro-abortion groups regularly launch campaigns about? In criticizing Live Action for not removing the staff member’s abortion admission, are not The Young Turks themselves exhibiting the “stigmatizing of abortion” that pro-abortion groups loudly condemn?

In another video, they somehow find a way to blame Bill O’Reilly and a “moron like Lila Rose” for an arson attack.

This is the classic tactic of pro-choicers: to label pro-lifers as angry domestic terrorists. As if an employee of Fox News, or someone connected with the Republican Party, or Live Action and Lila Rose was the one responsible for the arson.

Then they go off on their classic foul-mouthed denouncement of the hypocritical and evil right-wingers. Apparently in opposing abortion, we don’t care about women (this is based on the assumption that women need abortion and that abortion solves people’s problems). The fact is: we don’t condone, support, approve of, or in any participate in any violence done to anyone.

At least the Young Turks are covering this story. For however much they may bluster at how ridiculous the whole thing is, the fact that Planned Parenthood is okay with doing abortions for the purpose of sex-selection severely undermines Planned Parenthood’s incessant claim that the organization is “pro-woman.” These new videos, regardless of where we stand on abortion, demonstrate that a so-called “pro-woman” organization like Planned Parenthood is willing to abort babies simply because they are girls. So much for that.

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