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As a young woman, I always saw myself as pro-choice.  If I ever had to make the choice to “keep it” or “abort it” I would choose the second. It’s not that I ever wanted to kill someone– especially not a baby. Yet, I could not imagine how to “keep it.”  Also, my original conviction for justifying abortion was in the “case of rape” argument where a girl or woman should be given the choice to have the procedure done.  But my pro-choice reasons missed an important and inconvenient truth.  Something deeper– that transformed my heart and opened my eyes to a profound reality.  I started to become pro-life.  I thank Live Action for helping me to understand the unseen truth by sharing its powerful videos, and challenging me to bring light to others.

When I met the Live Action director of the San Jose chapter my conscience started to become aware of the reality of the human lives being lost in San Jose, the United States, and the world. Out of curiosity, I started to attend the pro-life presentations LASJ would give to churches and different groups in the Bay Area. I heard time after time how abortion was wrong.  Finally, when I saw the Live Action video “Here’s the Blood“, my false conviction gave in. At the end of the video a 24 week human being was laying dead and being wrapped up like a piece of meat ready to be thrown away by the abortionist.  This was the first time I had seen a late term abortion being done to a human lif

e. A new conviction started to form because of this sharp reality check.  I realized that baby was human. My conscience had fully awakened then, and my heart said, “this can’t be the way to end a life”.

From then on, there has been a deep passion growing in my heart and mind to spread the truth about when human life begins and the truth about abortion. Live Action has given me the opportunity to share this light about life with others.

I began speaking at the same LASJ presentations that woke me up.  After the end of one my first presentations, a 13-year old boy came up to me and thanked us for showing “Here’s the Blood“. He said he had always thought abortion was okay because it was just like any other surgical procedure.  Now that he’d seen the images himself, his mind is clear that abortion kills.  The pro-life 101 presentations have educated and changed viewpoints of many young people and adults.  That boy was just one newly lighted candle.  I have been blessed to see such lights spreading, like a room full of candles brightening more quickly with every flame that touches another candle.   I may never know how many lives were saved as a result of educating these young people, but I believe that each person whose conscience is pricked counts in building the culture of life. We know that abortion is the murder of a human being.  I will continue to educate others about the truth.

Am I Not A Human?

Live Action will continue their pro-life education. We are here to teach and remind people that human life is va

luable, not because of size or power, but because of each person’s humanity. I encourage you to support to our campaign. Help us bring light to this issue. Your donation is another way to stand up for the unborn and testify that they are being robbed from their God given right: life.

If you would like to help the important work of Live Action continue, please consider a donation to take advantage of a generous $125,000 matching grant that Live Action has been recently awarded. We have less than 4 weeks to raise the matching funds, please help us reach our goal today by contributing here.

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