Thank you Texas for supporting life

By Lone Star Jake

According to Lifenews.com, the Texas House of Representatives voted on May 17, 2011 to defund Planned Parenthood over the amount of 60 million dollars. The Texas Senate has filed Senate Bill 7, a similar bill that will most likely be voted on during a special session of the Texas Congress.

While both Texas Legislative house have gotten the ball rolling, we must be cautious. It may be premature to declare a victory, but let us be thankful that Texas is seeing through the dangerous lies of Planned Parenthood.

While we cheer this step in the right direction, some on the left are not as thrilled. A woman identifying herself as “Bla” posted this rant on the comment section of newscastmedia.com’s May 17th blog story announcing the House’s bill passing:

“This is absolutely disgusting. I am a Texan woman. I know several women whose lives have been made much easier because of Planned Parenthood because of access to birth control. PLANNED PARENTHOOD SAVES LIVES, NOT KILLS THEM. I hope you freaks realize that if PP were to go away, there would be MORE abortions. Without easy access to birth control and information, MORE PEOPLE WILL ABORT. Grow a brain. Texas disgraces me, always.”

I have a suggestion for this woman: move to a state where Planned Parenthood has reign. It is interesting to note her screen name as “Bla.” I guess it is short for “Blah, blah, blah, blah…”

As a Texan pastor kid, I have heard stories of how abortions have hurt women more than helped them. I can tell you a story about a woman who had an abortion secretly performed on her without her permission…at a hospital. I can tell you a story about a young woman who had an abortion, and then began sleeping with any boy who would look at her twice.

However, I am going to tell you a different one, one about a brave woman who chose life.

The setting is 1940s Southeast Texas, the Golden Triangle. The big oil boom in the area had taken place, allowing Texas to weather through the great depression better than most states had.

There was a young woman who had just divorced her husband. He had been violent and abusive to her and she found herself caring for two children who were very rebellious and cruel.

Soon, she found out she was pregnant with a third child. In 1940s America, it was very taboo to be divorced, single, and pregnant. She knew she would be ostracized and would perhaps never remarry. After much deliberating, she decided to have an abortion.

She made the appointment with a doctor who was locally known to provide abortions to expectant mothers. However, on the very day of the appointment, the doctor was tragically killed in a car accident.

The young woman, deciding that fate had stepped into the picture, decided to have the child, and face the public scrutiny. Several months later a beautiful baby girl was born.

That baby girl was my grandmother, who a few decades later, got married, and gave birth to my own mother.

So, to whoever wrote “Bla’s” comment, I would like to wager that Planned Parenthood does not save lives. Had my great-grandmother chosen to go through with the abortion, I would not be here today.

Thank you, my fellow Texans, for supporting life.

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