Terry McAuliffe: “I will be a brick wall” for late-term abortion

In a September 12th appearance at George Mason University, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe said that he would be a “brick wall” against any attempts to restrict late-term abortion. The audio of his comments was recorded in the video below:

Woman #1:  So as governor, would you oppose any restrictions on my right to an abortion at any time?

McAuliffe: No.

Woman  #1:  No?

McAuliffe: I would support not to add any restrictions.

Later McAuliffe answered a second related question:

Woman #2:  Also, if any anti-choice Republicans were to introduce legislation preventing me from getting an abortion after 20 weeks would you oppose it?

McAuliffe: First of all, you have a Constitutional right. This has been determined in our nation. It is a Constitutional right. Is what I said here, I will be a brick wall to stop any erosion of any Constitutional right that any woman has in Virginia. I will be a brick wall.

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