Ten life lessons about life

Caleb Parke, Lila Rose, Live Action

I’ve been working undercover this summer – a sort of secret agent for the pro-life movement. I had the opportunity to work as an intern at Live Action in Washington, D.C.

I graduated from Grove City College in May, went back home to visit my family for a few days in Ohio and then relocated to our nation’s capitol.

I’ll never forget what Lila Rose, the president of Live Action told me on my first day on the job.

“Here at Live Action, we’re all about undercover work,” she said

I can’t tell you exactly what I did this summer, but between you and me, this is what I learned:

1. Wherever you stand, whether it be on Irish soil, in rain or sunshine, stand for life.

Caleb Parke, Live Action, Irish Embassy

Live Action standing for life outside the Irish Embassy.

2. If you don’t have love, you can’t actually win — this is very much a spiritual battle.

Caleb Parke, pro-life, Spain

Standing with other young pro-lifers from Spain.

3. If you want to get your message out, you have to go to the streets.

Caleb Parke, The Advocate, Live Action, D.C., Big Gulp

Distributing Live Action’s magazine, The Advocate, on the streets of D.C.

4. No matter how many people attack you, if you have the truth on your side, keep a positive attitude and kill people with kindness.

Caleb Parke, Sarah Palin

With Sarah Palin at the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

5. Men need to stand up for women and children – it’s long overdue.

Caleb Parke, Bro-life, brolife

I officially joined the bro-life movement this summer.

6. It’s the little things in life that brighten other people’s days.

Caleb Parke, blue suit

I dressed like a crayon and the walk to work that morning was much more interesting.

7. Don’t be afraid to fight giants and dream big.

Live Action, March on Media

The Live Action team at the March on Media Rally demanding that the media stop censoring the truth about abortion.

8. Surround yourself with awesome people.

Live Action, Interns

Look at them — how could I not love interning with these cool cats?

9. Work hard, pray hard and be humble.

Caleb Parke, Lila Rose, Live Action

Lila Rose, president of Live Action, and me.

10. I spent my summer saving babies, how did you spend yours?
(I’m being serious; I’m actually interested.)

Caleb Parke, Baby

I worked to make sure that this world is more friendly to his friends, babies.

So, what lessons did you learn this summer?


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