Surprising letter on abortion trauma

Planned Parenthood is typically known as a radically-pro-abortion news outlet. It’s surprising to see this incredibly raw, moving first-person account of one woman’s distress following her recent abortion:

I haven’t dated, least of all had sex with anyone, since that day. It feels like a part of me died that day and will never return.

I am no longer upset about the end of our relationship (good riddance!) but I am truly disturbed by the entire experience. I have nightmares about my experience at the clinic, though I know they followed every medical and legal step to the T. I wish I could forgive myself and move on, but I just can’t. I wake up every morning and it is the best minute of my life before the knowledge of what happened returns to me and the cycle of sadness and regret begins all over again.

Read the whole letter (and Salon’s rather wimpy response) here. Anyone seeking healing after an abortion can get help from groups like Rachel’s Vineyard.

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