Student Spotlight: Laura Rose

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Laura Rose.

Laura Rose is a 21-year-old student at Hillsdale College in Michigan. She has only recently gotten involved in the pro-life movement, but since deciding to speak out she has done great things, including interning with both Live Action and the Nebraskans United for Life, doing sidewalk counseling, and working with the leadership of her college’s Students for Life Group. She is a wonderful example of how to go from simply considering oneself pro-life to being an active advocate in defense of the pre-born and their mothers.

What inspired you to get involved in the pro-life movement?

Ultimately, the belief in the importance of each human life is why I am involved in the pro-life movement. But it was only recently that I became active.

I have always called myself pro-life, but I did not fully understand what that meant or how to defend my position. I became a part of Students for Life on my college campus but was unable to be very active for the first two years. When I was applying for internships in Washington, D.C., Live Action came into the picture. It was actually when I was accepted as an intern at Live Action and began interning in the fall that I became very involved in the pro-life movement.

What do you do to support life and defend the pre-born?

This summer, I am working for Nebraskans United for Life in the Political Action Committee. I live about 20 minutes away from where Carhart’s “clinic” is in Nebraska, and I hope to defend the lives of the pre-born who will be going in to his facility by counseling and praying outside it.


The Hillsdale crew inside the Kirby Center after the March for Life! Laura will be part of the team that plans the trip out to D.C. in 2015.

Intern duties aside, I regularly hold conversations with people and post articles about abortion/Planned Parenthood on Facebook/Twitter. I write for Live Action News, and I keep myself open to what the Lord leads me to do, so that when He shows me a new way to support life, I am able to do it.

I am also on the Students for Life Board and the March for Life committee, so I will support life by helping lead those groups once I am back on Hillsdale’s campus.

What is your favorite tool to communicate the pro-life stance?

I absolutely love using social media as a tool. It also provides a way for me to take time in between answers, so that I can make sure that the responses I give are well-thought out and written in the best way possible.

I also love to use images and quotations from abortion facility workers, because it is so powerful for people to hear from the mouths of abortionists how even they believe that abortion ends a life.

What are some ways students can be active in their pro-life work during school breaks?


Laura at her first March for Life this past January.

They can keep reading and educating themselves about abortion, abortion facilities, and pro-life victories.  Simply knowing about the issues prepares students for discussions.

Praying/counseling outside abortion facilities and handing out brochures or The Advocate is also one of the best ways students can be involved in pro-life work.

Pregnancy centers are almost always in need of help, whether it be volunteers to work in the center or material needs for pregnant mothers.  Students can help by volunteering and collecting items to donate to these centers.

Share with us an encouraging event or a success story from your work.

Wow, just one encouraging event? There are so many great encouragements that come from working in the pro-life movement. Well, some times when I am at home (or if there is a quiet moment at work), I will message friends on Facebook and ask something similar to “What do you think about abortion?” Simple, non-confrontational, and open-ended. One time, a friend responded that he thought it a woman’s right to choose. I then asked, “When do you believe life begins?” He said he thought it began early on, possibly at conception, which was wonderful, because this allowed me to say, “If human life begins that early on, and abortion gets rid of a fetus, does that mean abortion ends a human life?” He said yes, and that I had given him new things to think about. What a success!

How simple is it to ask a small series of questions? Very! I have had friends respond negatively, but I always am able to present them with new information, which is my goal. After all, it is not my job to be the one to change their minds. I present people with the truth, and it is up to them to decide to accept it.

Share with us an encounter with pro-abortion opposition and how you faced it.


Laura reunited with the Live Action team, post-internship, at the D.C. March for Life.

The most memorable time was probably when I was walking down the street to get to the bank, and I saw the infamous bright pink shirts of Planned Parenthood workers half a block up. Briefly considering crossing the street to avoid them, I threw that thought out of my mind and headed down the sidewalk, walking right by them. The woman stopped me and tried to get me to donate to Planned Parenthood. She kept talking to me about how great an organization it was. I didn’t let her opposition and unwillingness to hear the truth stop me from sharing with her what Planned Parenthood does to women and children and what Live Action has uncovered. She did not seem to accept much of what I shared, but I did not let her refusal to accept the truth affect me. Sometimes all we can do is pray and present the truth, and that is what I did.

What keeps you going through the tough times?

I remember that we all have things to learn and ways in which we can grow. When I see an article claiming that pro-life people are vicious, nasty, lying, terrible, women-hating hypocrites, I remember that we all began somewhere.

I remember that it is not up to me to be the one to change the minds of abortion supporters. I just present the truth in love. I remind myself that the way others react to my message does not affect the truth and the importance of it.

I alone can do nothing. It is when I allow the Holy Spirit to move through me that I am most effective. It is the Holy Spirit who will change hearts, not Laura Rose.

What advice would you give to your peers?


During her internship at Live Action, Laura passed out copies of The Advocate and engaged in great pro-life discussions around Washington, D.C., including on the steps of our capitol.

Never never never give up. And do not take things personally. If you counsel or pray outside Planned Parenthood, if you read any articles whatsoever, you will see what awful names abortion supporters use to refer to us. Do not take this as a personal insult. Just remember that they do not yet know the truth. Continue to explain the truth in love, no matter what the reaction is.

Name a hero or role model of yours and explain why he or she inspires you.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 5.05.37 PM

Saint Paul in jail.

I have been thinking a lot about Paul lately, how he wasn’t afraid to follow where the Lord led, even when it meant certain persecution. He shared the gospel regardless of how those around him responded, and this is something to which we must all aspire. He wrote the letter to the Philippians from a prison (the worst of his time), and in it he wrote about how he is content in all circumstances.

This is so inspiring. Paul is an example of what all Christians should do: show the love of God to the world, regardless of how the world responds.

I also have many living role models in my personal life – people who just radiate love and peace and joy, like Paul certainly did.

What is your favorite pro-life quote?


Ronald Reagan.

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” – Ronald Reagan

“The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.” – Thomas Jefferson

Given a large sum of money and any connections you need, what would you do for the pro-life cause? The sky is the limit!


Laura on a trip to India, supporting the pro-life cause by helping orphans, lepers, women rescued from sex-trafficking, and elderly men and women who had no family to care for them.

I would travel to India, Africa, and wherever else the Lord puts on my heart to go to share the pro-life message. So many women in those countries do not have access to proper care or even just truthful information. I would find out what material needs those women need, and I would provide for them.

 Connect with Laura via Twitter at @LauraRose333.

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