Student Spotlight: Kyra Clark


Kyra Clark.

Eighteen years ago, Kyra Clark survived a medical abortion. Now she works on her campus (Seminole State College in Florida) and in her community to defend  children facing the same dangers in the womb that she did, and to help women facing the same challenges her mother faced. When Kyra says she survived Roe v. Wade, but Roe v. Wade will not survive her, she means it literally.

What inspired you to get involved in the pro-life movement?

Since  finding out that I was a survivor of an attempted medicated abortion, I have striven to positively impact the world in an attempt to save similar children from the fate (death) that I was spared.

What do you do to support life and defend the pre-born?

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Live Action’s student and community publication, The Advocate.

I am a blogger for the Pro-Life Youth organization as well as the co-founder of a pro-life website, The Voices of Mary’s Children, which was created when I was 15. I also helped edit and produce a short pro-life video, Your voice matters, featuring some of my friends. During breaks at school I have created flyers to educate the public, as well as handed out copies of The Advocate.



What are some ways students can be active in their pro-life work during school breaks?

During school breaks, students have an advantage of educating peers through talking, as well as handing out aids such as The Advocate. Creating a pro-life club is also a great way to stay active.

Share with us an encouraging event or a success story from your work.


Kyra distributing pro-life informative flyers on her campus.

I have had many encounters with abortion advocates. One memorable occasion was when a hardcore pro-choice advocate admitted to seeing the views and beliefs of the pro-life movement and switched sides.

Share with us an encounter with pro-abortion opposition and how you faced it.

I have had multiple encounters with people who present me with extremely mind-boggling excuses as to why being pro-choice is the best choice. One particular encounter occurred when a hardcore pro-abortionist became increasingly verbally threatening. His justifications also became increasingly irrational, until it got to the point where I knew that the smart thing to do was to drop the topic. Throughout this and all debates I have been in, it has always been extremely important to remain calm and civil. Advocating for the pro-life movement is an honor that needs to be respected, and distasteful language or behavior will never properly win our case.

What keeps you going through the tough times?


Kyra at the 2014 Walk for Life in Orlando, where she met Shawn Welcome (middle), a passionate pro-life advocate and rapper.

It is difficult at times to fight for something that others don’t believe in, especially when something as big as the government stands in our way. However, I have learned that all things must be fought for and that all voices matter. When things get hard, and people become irrational to debate with, I remind myself that I’m not alone in the movement and that together, we can save our unborn future generations.

What advice would you give to your peers?

Never give up. It takes only one voice to make a difference, and that person could be any of us.

Name a hero or role model of yours and explain why he or she inspires you.


Live Action’s president and founder, Lila Rose.

I’d have to say that Lila Rose of Live Action. I have only recently began to follow her involvement and the dedication that she puts into fighting abortion, but I am impressed by what she has accomplished. She is a true model of how one voice can make a difference. Doing undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood, while a college student, pretty much makes for a modern-day superhero to me.

What is your favorite pro-life quote?

“Sometimes fighting for the life of others is the only thing worth living for.”

Given a large sum of money and any connections you need, what would you do for the pro-life cause?

I’d love to put out more pro-life information for society. Make it mandatory for each college campus to be educated on what abortion truly is; have pro-life billboards and signs in bus terminals and public transportation centers. Make the truth of abortion be as popular and well-known as other not so important topics are today, such as celebrity gossip.

Connect with Kyra via Twitter at @kyra_clark12. You can also follow her blog here.

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