Moving video highlights holocaust of special needs abortion

For many pro-lifers, the high number of babies with Down syndrome aborted purely for having an extra chromosome is not new information. But Steven Crowder has released a heart-wrenching new video that is resonating with thousands of people exposing the tragedy of the special needs abortion holocaust.


This video especially hit close to home for me. Seeing that statistic is always a punch in the gut, because it’s a reminder that most people believe my son should not exist. Simply having an extra chromosome is enough to make mothers deprive their children of life, and why? Because it takes them a little longer to do things? Because they may not live independently? The fact that these are reasons to kill someone is sickening. But it is what our society overwhelmingly believes, and every day I have to try to find a way to raise a family in this world that treats my son as something less-than.

The fact is, we all have inherent worth and dignity. Every life has value, whether that person has Down syndrome or another disability. If we start to rob people of their lives because we decide to arbitrarily decide whose lives are worth living and whose are not, then where will it end? We’ve seen firsthand throughout history what happens when we do such a thing. Is it a pattern we’re really going to keep repeating? How devastating and horrific do our actions need to become before we realize what we’re doing, and put an end to it?

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