Statement from Lila Rose on alleged crimes at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast

ARLINGTON, VA (December 5, 2016) —”For over a year, we’ve heard Planned Parenthood repeatedly claim that it had done nothing illegal in its grotesque practice of trafficking aborted baby body parts for money.  Now, evidence uncovered by a congressional investigation has led to at least one major Planned Parenthood affiliate being referred to Texas authorities for breaking state and federal law.

“Congress has not only uncovered evidence of Planned Parenthood’s alleged crimes, but also the crimes of the body parts brokers it partnered with.  The evidence is overwhelming, from multiple findings of illegal profiting off the sale of baby parts to violations of privacy laws so that certain vulnerable women could be targeted. Congress has said there are even more criminal referrals to come.

“I’m grateful for David Daleiden and the investigative journalists at the Center for Medical Progress for exposing this scandal in the first place.

“Justice must be served: Planned Parenthood must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Taxpayers should never again be forced to fund a corporation that commits such atrocities, including the greatest atrocity of all:  poisoning, starving, and dismembering 887 defenseless preborn children every single day.

“Planned Parenthood’s disturbing baby harvesting practices are the direct result of a system that dehumanizes defenseless preborn children in the first place. The core injustice is that these children whose bodies are torn apart piecemeal and sold have been violently deprived their first human right: life.

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