Statement by Lila Rose on Planned Parenthood closures in Wisconsin

Statement by Lila Rose on Planned Parenthood closures in Wisconsin

Statement by Lila Rose, president of Live Action, concerning the closure of four Planned Parenthood clinics in Wisconsin:

Women and babies in Wisconsin will be safer when Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion chain in America, closes four clinics there over the next few weeks.

Nationally, Planned Parenthood has been caught on video helping sex traffickers, flouting child rape reporting laws, and being complicit in sex-selection abortions.  In Wisconsin in particular, two Planned Parenthood clinics are on tape giving misleading, medically inaccurate information to vulnerable women considering abortion.  We therefore applaud Governor Scott Walker for his smart, common- sense, and widely supported defunding of the abortion giant.

Planned Parenthood thrives on abortion, and on taxpayers being forced to pay for abortion. If Planned Parenthood has to shut down every single one of its “family planning centers” to preserve its extremely lucrative abortion business, that’s exactly what Planned Parenthood will do. And that’s exactly what we are seeing in Wisconsin.

Planned Parenthood consistently lies to women, both in Wisconsin and across the United States.  Watch and share Live Action’s investigative videos documenting Planned Parenthood employees spreading medical misinformation and lies to vulnerable pregnant women.

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Released: February 21, 2013

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