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State report shows 33% of Minnesota abortions paid for by taxpayers

Planned Parenthood likes to state that government funds do not pay for abortions. While it is true that Federal funds are barred from going to directly pay for most (but not all) abortions, there is significant direct funding of abortion with taxpayer funds by government entities outside of the federal level. Here are some examples of Planned Parenthood making misleading claims about abortion funding:

“In each instance, state lawmakers were focused on Planned Parenthood’s advocacy for abortion rights and abortion services, even though federal law already prohibits government funding of abortions,” wrote Lee Thompson, the Wichita attorney representing Planned Parenthood.
Source: Kansas City Star on 7/28/2011

That is factually false as federal law only prohibits most federal funding of abortion. It does nothing to block state or other levels of government from funding termination procedures. The Kansas City Star is also complicit in allowing their papers to be used as a propaganda tool to share false facts with no fact-checking.

Earlier this month the Minnesota Department of Health released a report showing that just over 1 in 3 Minnesota abortions were paid for with public funds.

Chart of Minnesota Abortion Funding

The Minnesota report shows that taxpayer funding of abortion is happening — and they are not the only state. For example, my home state of California funds abortions of unborn humans to the tune of $33,000,000 annually.

Polling has shown that significant majorities do not support taxpayer funding of abortion and Planned Parenthood knows this. They know that the best way to keep their direct abortion funding is to privately lobby politicians while keeping the public ignorant and misinformed.

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