Son of abortion provider: Clinics are not ‘charitable organizations’

An author whose father was an abortion provider did research on abortion clinics. He said the following:

But the opponents’ claim that financial motives played a part in fueling the [abortion] clinics’ rise is not entirely unfounded. They were not, after all, charitable organizations. The founders of the Erie Medical Center, Moshe Hachamanovitch and Gerald Crossman, were out-of-town physicians from, respectively, New Rochelle, New York, and Greenwich, Connecticut. “They believed in it, but their motivations were monetary,” says Marilyn Buckham, who began working at the Erie Medical Center in 1972 as a receptionist.

He also quoted Ellen Alt, a nurse who worked at an abortion clinic:

… my sense is that many of the doctors were doing this to make money while their practices were growing. This was a check they knew they were going to get.

Eyal Press “Absolute Convictions: My Father, a City, and the Conflict that Divided America” (New York: Henry Holt & company, 2006) 63

Abortion clinics are definitely not truly charitable organizations; they exist to make money, and the money that doctors and clinic owners make is substantial.

Read more quotes about the financial motives of abortionists’ here.

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