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‘Social distancing failure’ baby announcements are the joy we all need right now

baby announcements

While it is widely believed there will not be a baby boom next winter due to the COVID-19 quarantine that began in March, there are plenty of families celebrating the news of their “quarantine babies” on social media. Baby boom or not, these parents and their preborn babies are sharing the joy we all could use right now with their ‘social distancing fails’ that led to new life.

Social Distancing Failures

These parents joked about how they didn’t practice social distancing with each other and have babies to show for it.

Quarantined Babies

Even if the parents aren’t social distancing with each other, the babies obviously plan to stay tucked safely inside their mother’s womb for their own private quarantines.

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Passing the Buck

These parents are blaming the quarantine for their unexpected blessings.

What’s there to Complain About

Quarantine is not boring, according to these couples. They obviously found a way to stay busy — and 2021 is looking busy too.

Who Needs Toilet Paper?

They may have run out of toilet paper pretty quickly with a family of seven already, but there’s no shortage of love here with baby number six on the way.

New life is always worth celebrating — no matter the circumstances. In the middle of a pandemic, news of new babies on the way can help give people hope for the future as we move through this challenging time.

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