Shut down! Pensacola abortion clinic vacated

planned parenthood

closed-signAs of August 5th, a Florida clinic was forced to close its doors and can no longer perform abortions. The local Pensacola sheriff was allegedly authorized to take possession of the building following the clinic’s unpaid mortgage payments.

LifeNews notes that the shut-down came very shortly after a 40 Days for Life prayer campaign where local pro-life advocates prayed for it to happen:

“Prolifers have been praying the rosary, offering assistance to women entering the clinic and witnessing for life at this abortion clinic for about 10 years.  Of interest is the fact that the “as of date” is the Feast of the Assumption,” [local pro-lifer Bob Brady] said.

These gains continue to be incredibly important in ending abortion nationwide. Since Planned Parenthood and other abortion industry facilities are fueled by federal funding, the pro-life movement is making great strides in putting an end to the murder of innocent life by going after the source: the money they require to stay in operation.

— 2011 (c) Live Action —

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