Shocking medical video of common abortion procedure shows baby being pulled out in pieces

medical video

In a disturbing video posted on the Medical Videos* website, a surgical abortion is shown in close-up detail, in real time. Seconds into the video, a tiny human leg and foot emerges. No body is attached.

Seconds later, the camera zooms in as a clearly-defined hand, connected to an arm, is pulled out.

The video appears to show portions of at least three abortions. In the second, tiny feet are shown as blood pools around them while the abortion continues.

In the third abortion, a mutilated, but nearly intact baby is pulled from her mother’s womb. Her head, which seems to be at least partially disconnected from her body is jerked around as she is yanked, along with her umbilical cord, out of her mother. This baby’s fairly large, curled-up feet and legs and her arms and hands are shown briefly on camera as the abortionist appears to work on some part of the baby or umbilical cord that is now outside the womb.

This last baby seems to be a very late-term abortion, when the size of the baby’s head and feet are compared to the size of the abortionist’s hands.

WATCH the video for yourself here.

The first two abortions are dilation (dilatation) and evacuation abortions, also known as D&E abortions. They are the most common abortions committed in the second trimester in the United States. The third abortion shown is likely either a D&E abortion or an induction abortion. Dr. Anthony Levatino, an OBGYN and a former abortionist explains induction abortions in the animated video here. He goes through the steps of a D&E abortion in the video below:

*The two minute, twenty-two second video on the Medical Videos website is called “Medical Videos – Surgical Abortion Procedure.” The Medical Videos site explains, “The Medical Videos Service is controlled and offered by Medical Videos from its facilities in the United States of America and all the videos are provided to doctors, medical students all over the world.” Furthermore, Medical Videos states that its “services are directed to doctors and health professionals only and are not directed to patients or normal people.”

Perhaps if more “normal people” were willing to witness the brutal realities of abortion, we would collectively reject it for the human rights injustice it is.

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