Settlement reached in UPS pregnancy discrimination case

UPS has reached a settlement with Peggy Young, a former employee laid off in 2006 due to her pregnancy.

Young, a truck driver, was told she could not drive until after her child’s birth. UPS denied her request for an accommodation and laid her off for nine months, leading to her losing her company health insurance.

In response, she filed a lawsuit alleging that UPS was engaging in pregnancy discrimination, a case supported by 23 pro-life organizations who signed an amicus brief. UPS contended it handled Young’s situation no differently than it handled other physical conditions impacting workers’ abilities. This June, the US Supreme Court sided with Young 6-3.

As Live Action News previously reported, cases like Young’s have inspired federal legislation, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which would require employers to make additional accommodations for pregnant employees.

The details of the settlement have not yet been released. “We are grateful that this case has finally come to a just conclusion, and we thank UPS and its counsel for their cooperation,” Young’s attorney said.

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