Samantha Bee takes desperate shot at John Kasich's pro-life views

Samantha Bee takes desperate shot at John Kasich’s pro-life views

You would think comedians were supposed to be funny, right? Lately many of them though have turned into bastions of pro-abortion idiocy while making fun of pro-lifers. All for laughs. And a Comedy Central veteran recently added herself to the list.

Samantha Bee, of the late-night show Full Frontal, which airs on TBS, is currently trending on Facebook, for quite the despicable reason.

In a recent episode, Bee attacked Kasich for not being moderate enough, and she compared him to a pregnant teenage girl.

“You don’t hear much about Kasich’s anti-choice record because he hides his abortion restrictions in larger budget bills where they won’t be noticed,” laughs Bee. “Kind of like a desperate, pregnant teenager buying ever larger sweatshirts.”

First of all, this isn’t funny. It’s just desperately trying to be. And, if Bee and her ilk are so “pro-choice” and want to help young women in need, how is such a comment going to help?

Groups that celebrated Bee’s comments, including Planned Parenthood, are the very reason so many girls are caught off guard by unexpected pregnancies. They were promised “safe sex” from pro-abortion groups and when they find themselves pregnant, they feel alone and scared. And now pro-abortion comedians are making fun of them.

Kasich is an adult and a politician who is used to being in the spotlight, for both good and bad reasons. But there is nothing pro-choice or pro-woman about comparing him to a scared, desperate teenager who is at a vulnerable point in her life, and trying to conceal her pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood ran with the clip warning their supporters that Kasich gets pro-life work done. They’re an organization which claims to be for women, even lately for newborn babies. And yet they’re not only the nation’s largest abortion provider, but have been documented committing abuse upon abuse.

Samantha Bee ended on: “Take a closer look at John Kasich, because while these other chumps make empty promises to do awful stuff, the so-called moderate gets awful stuff done.”

Posted by Planned Parenthood Action on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Just as Bae’s comments aren’t funny, neither is taking advantage of young women who are victims of statutory rape, or of those who are trapped in sex slavery, as Planned Parenthood has.

Bee goes on to refer to uteruses as “baby ovens”  and claims that Kasich is on a “stealth mission to control” them. That’s Bee’s “humor” for you. This comment may not be as bad, but again, notice how it’s a pro-abortion “comedian” who is making offensive remarks towards women.

Bee’s comments hit me in a very deep and personal way, and I’m not laughing. I wouldn’t be laughing regardless, but knowing young women who have been in such a situation offends me that much more. Her comments prove that it’s not the so-called pro-choice movement that helps women. Far from it. And yet people laugh it off and continue on their way, believing such all the lies.

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