Sad irony: President Obama tells daughters to 'look out for the vulnerable'

Sad irony: President Obama tells daughters to ‘look out for the vulnerable’

President Barack Obama recently shared his thoughts with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos about the protests at the University of Missouri. At one point, the President mentioned the kind of advice he’s given his daughters. Emphasis is added:

We talk about this at the dinner table. And I say to them, ‘Listen, if you hear somebody using a racial epithet, if you hear somebody who’s anti-Semitic, if you see an injustice, I want you to speak out.

I want you to be form and clear and I want you to protect people who may not have voices themselves. I want you to be somebody who’s strong and sees themselves as somebody who’s looking out for the vulnerable.’

Those are some pretty powerful statements. While there are some vulnerable people in our society who – for whatever reason – may not be able to use their voices to stand up for themselves, the preborn may be the most vulnerable among us. While still in the womb, they most certainly do not have their own voices. They are in a particularly vulnerable situation in the United States, and this is not helped by the fact that the Obama Administration is the most pro-abortion administration our nation has had.

I wonder if the President has taught his daughters that one must speak out against the preborn in order to speak up for women. Would Sasha or Malia Obama consider pro-life efforts an ‘injustice’ worth opposing?

While President Obama has provided his daughters with seemingly good advice, it is a sad irony that he tells them to be people who are “looking out for the vulnerable” while he imparts such a pro-abortion mentality on our nation.

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