Roe v. Wade is overturned. Here’s what’s next for the pro-life movement.

On June 24, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which now gives each state the freedom to pass laws protecting preborn human beings. While applauding this victory, the pro-life movement knows that the work is just beginning. Live Action founder and president Lila Rose has released a video statement detailing what’s next in the fight for life.


“Since Roe was issued nearly 50 years ago, over 63 million American children have been killed by the abortion industry — a devastation of incalculable proportion. This decision to end Roe v. Wade will save millions of lives, but here’s the key point: the end of Roe means the pro-life movement’s work intensifies,” Rose says in the video. “We have a long way to go before we make abortion unthinkable in our nation and worldwide. And we have a massive road ahead toward building a culture of life.”

Rose notes that even though Roe v. Wade is overturned, many states will continue to commit and even subsidize abortions. “The killing in those states will continue,” she says. “We will not have true justice until our nation acknowledges that under our Constitution, every American born or preborn has an inherent right to life protected by our Constitution’s 14th Amendment.”

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She goes on to note that the 14th Amendment guarantees the right to life, and equal protection under the law for all persons. “All human beings are persons under the Constitution, which means that abortion should be constitutionally prohibited and all human life protected nationwide.”

With that in mind, she issues a “game plan for the road ahead” — a five-part call to action for those within the pro-life movement.

1. State and Federal Protections

“First, we must work at both the state and federal level for complete legal protection for children in the womb,” Rose says. This means working with legislators to enact policies that protect human lives and support both parents and children.”

2. Ground Game

Creating an active ground game means setting up sanctuary cities for the preborn in hostile states, ministering outside abortion facilities, and redirecting women to life-affirming pregnancy resource centers. Rose offers practical ways that those in the pro-life movement can help. “Block out days in your week where you can go to the abortion facility with your friends, your church group, and your ministry to help parents choose life,” she says, adding that such action could “peacefully put pressure on the facility to close.”

3. Digital Activism

“You could make America pro-life very easily right now,” Rose says. She recommends that everyone share Live Action’s “Baby Olivia” video on fetal development, and the “What is Abortion?” video series, which provide the step-by-step process that occurs when an abortion takes place. Other helpful videos are Live Action’s “Pro-Life Replies” series, which debunk the most common pro-choice arguments.

See a trailer below for the “What is Abortion?” series, demonstrating that when people learn what abortion is and what it does, their minds often change regarding abortion:


“These are statistically proven through market research to change hearts and minds on abortion, to change people from pro-choice to pro-life. We are going to see an awakening when people grapple with the reality of what abortion really is — poisoning to death, lethal injection, and dismemberment of innocent children. When people learn the truth about abortion, they change.”

For even more ways to help, sign up to become a Live Action Ambassador. Ambassadors get exclusive training content and opportunities to act in the defense of the preborn.

4. Support pregnancy resource centers (PRCs)

PRCs and other charities that support parents need our help. “Give generously to your local life-affirming pregnancy center or pro-life organization,” Rose suggests. “Volunteer and get trained to help… if you can.”

5. Promote a new sexual ethic

“We need a love-based, commitment-based sexual ethic in this country,” Rose says. She cites statistics from the New York Times, which reveal that 86% of women who have abortions are unmarried, while 60% of women who abort already have another child. “Abortion culture is down-stream from hook-up culture and shack-up culture,” Rose points out. “The solution is love and respect, that we all deserve, and sex only in the context of lifelong love and commitment. Strong marriages make strong families, and sex belongs within strong marriages. That has to be our sexual ethic.”

Rose says in conclusion, “Roe v. Wade is finished And the work of the pro-life movement is just getting started. Let’s be the generation that says, ‘enough,’ and makes abortion not only illegal, but unthinkable.”

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