Researchers advocate for new “after-sex” abortion pill

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Researchers are advocating for the development of an “after-sex contraceptive pill” that could be used to abort four-week-old human embryos.

Dr. Elizabeth Raymond of the New York technology firm Gynuity and collaborators at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden claim in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care that this early abortion pill would be popular with women because it would reduce the need for contraception to prevent pregnancy and allow for more abortions as birth control.

According to Dr. Raymond:

We need to stop extolling pre-fertilisation contraception as a good thing, because it implies that something that works after fertilisation is bad. We have to stop doing that.

In other words, “let’s stop acting like abortion is a worse form of birth control than hormonal contraception.”

A contraceptive that “works” after fertilization causes abortions, because it ends the life of a whole, distinct, living human being, regardless of whether that human is newly conceived and hasn’t implanted or whether that human is a four-week-old embryo.

The Daily Mail reported:

… It could be taken at the end of every month and would be so powerful it could prevent a pregnancy that resulted from sex nearly four weeks earlier.

Preventing pregnancy and ending pregnancy are very different matters. If a four-week-old embryo is growing inside his or her mother’s womb, his or her life will be ended, not prevented, by a “post-sex contraceptive” pill. It’s misleading to claim that aborting a young human embryo is the same thing as preventing conception.

The Guardian reported:

The authors of the paper in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, part of the British Medical Journal group, would like to see funding for exploratory work on a post-sex pill, which they anticipate would be similar to the morning-after pill but used routinely and potentially as rarely as once a month or only after the woman has missed a period.

The type of pill for which Dr. Raymond and her colleagues are campaigning would be similar to the morning-after pill in that it could cause early abortions and poses numerous health risks to women.

Abortion advocates’ euphemisms are no substitute for the truth. Calling a pill that aborts a month-old pre-born child a “post-sex contraceptive” doesn’t change the fact that the pill would be killing a person, not preventing conception.

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