Report: OR man gets away with throwing cleaner at pro-life protesters

The Christian Post reports that earlier this month, a man threw large amounts of Comet cleaning solution at pro-life protestors outside of a Portland, Oregon Planned Parenthood.

Calling them “scum,” he shook the powdery cleaner on six protestors one by one. Pastor Chuck O’Neal of Beaverton Grace Bible Church says he confronted the man, but despite “warning him that this was assault,” he “proceeded to “douse me with the Comet as well, getting it in my eyes and on my clothes.”

But perhaps the most alarming aspect of the incident is an allegation by retired law-enforcement officer and pro-life street preacher Tony Miano’s allegation that a police officer witnessed it but refused to stop the man. “As I’m shouting to him, ‘We want this man arrested,’ he’s telling us to stay back and not to disrupt what he’s doing […] he didn’t stop to see if anyone needed aid. He did nothing to check on the condition of the victims.”

According to Christian News Network, the perpetrator will not be prosecuted, but the matter has instead been deemed a “private criminal complaint.”

Ultimately, however, O’Neal declared the protest a success: “The best part of the story is that despite the assault a baby was rescued that day.”

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