Rep. Blackburn defends mission of House Planned Parenthood committee

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), the head of the House special panel to investigate Planned Parenthood, is pledging an examination of the abortion industry that “follow[s] the law” and will “follow the facts and see where that takes us.”

“I don’t know anyone who has watched these videos who was not unsettled and disturbed by those videos,” she continued, decrying the “casual and callous nature” with which officials captured on tape by the Center for Medical Progress discussed “these little unborn babies.”

However, Blackburn also noted that “our charge is not specific to Planned Parenthood,” but will perform a broader investigation of all entities involved in harvesting organs and tissue from aborted babies, late-term abortion practices, federal funding of abortion providers, and whether abortion providers are following laws requiring them to care for babies born alive after botched abortions

Planned Parenthood’s defenders have condemned the special panel as a politically-motivated witch hunt, with pro-abortion House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi going so far as to label it “the Select Committee to Attack Women’s Health.”

However, as Live Action News has previously reported, the six Democrats Pelosi named to the committee are the recipients of a combined total of more than $86,917, while the pro-abortion Emily’s List has given more than $112,000 to just two of the panel’s representatives and NARAL Pro-Choice America over $50,000 to another two.

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