Remembering all those times pro-abortion activists invaded Christian churches

Imagine coming to church for worship, and then having your silent prayer interrupted with “Abomination! You’re going to hell! Synagogue of Satan!”

This is what pro-abortion activists at “Faithful America,” a left-wing religious group, asked readers this week following a protest organized by Operation Save America at a Unitarian Universalist center in New Orleans.

Since 1987, Unitarian Universalists as an organization have not only supported the legality of abortion, but also publicly opposed any measure to restrict abortion in any way. To speak out for the pre-born Operation Save America protested the group’s anti-life stance at a Unitarian Universalist Sunday service. Jill Stanek reported:

The church’s pastor accused pro-life activists of “terroriz[ing] children,” even as she and her church support tearing them limb from limb. You won’t get any condemnation from me for holding their blasphemous feet to the fire while there’s still time to repent. 

Not surprisingly, pro-abortion groups are up-in-arms over the incident, insisting that, “Disrupting another church’s worship service is never acceptable.” Amidst their protests, the pro-abortion community seems to have conveniently forgotten that disrupting Christian church services is a long-standing hallmark of their own movement. Let’s recap a few incidents: 

1. October 7, 2012

A large mob of “feminists” attacked pro-life Catholics at church in Argentina. The group vandalized the  Catholic cathedral with spray paint, and also spray painted, spit on, and physically attacked peaceful pro-lifers who prayed for them during the attack:


2. July 25, 2013

Pro-abortion activists invaded a Catholic church during Mass in Santiago, Chile. During the large celebration honoring the city’s namesake, St. James. Irate abortion supporters destroyed confessionals and painted the church in graffiti on the altars, which are some of the most sacred parts of a Catholic church. Mass-goers physically held the protesters back from the main altar’s sanctuary. 

3. November 24, 2013

An enormous mob of women in Argentina, following up on their comparatively small demonstration (#1) in 2012, descends on the pro-life community. This time, they were a group of 7,000 (multiplying their 2012 numbers fourteen-fold). The women stripped off their clothing, mocking Catholic men who blockaded the Catholic church in San Juan and prayed rosaries as the women verbally and physically attacked them. The men anticipated the violence and church attack this time, and 1,500 of them showed up to defend the structure and what was inside from the pro-choice violence and outrage.


4. December 16, 2013

A pro-abortion mob, enraged that the European Parliament refused to acknowledge abortion as a human right, responded by invading a Catholic church in Bologna, Italy. They unfurled a large banner on the sanctuary, which read, “You Occupy the Counseling Centers – We Fill the Churches” (Voi Occupate I Consultori Noi Invadiamo Le Chiese). The group desecrated the church, which is the Diocesan Cathedral Church of Bologna. A rough translation of the vandals’ threatening statement, excusing their behavior and equating ethical guidelines with physical vandalism, reads:

And if the [pro-]lifers, Catholics, and Conscientious Objectors penetrate into the public hospitals and counseling centers, then we penetrate with our bodies, our desires, and our self-determination into the churches.

One could glean from their silence on these four events (which just skim the surface of pro-abortion church vandalism) that “Faithful America” only opposes church “invasions” that are peaceful, non-violent, and pro-life, like the one in New Orleans.

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